Lounge bed

  • Wire S #
    Belgian design studio Muller van Severen has crafted curving loungers called Wire S # from wire netting as part of a furniture commission for one of the Solo Houses, a series of architect-designed dream homes in Spain. The designers worked with a stainless steel netting of two by two-centimetre squares to create the daybeds, which […]
  • SleepBox
    This futuristically looking object, called SleepBox, is designed exclusively for naps. Envisioned by Caspar Lohner and produced by LG Hausys in collaboration with Kläusler Acrylstein AG, the piece creates a place of comfort and relaxation within airports, offices or other public and semi-public spaces, providing peace and quiet in busy urban environments. The free-form shell is made from HI-MACS®, an innovative […]
  • Day bed by VVD
    In 2001, B&B Italia challenged Belgian architect/industrial designer Vincent van Duysen to design a day bed. And so, he created this gorgeously elegant lounger. The day bed consists of just two shapes: a flat seat and one pure curve rising up, giving it a floating, light appearance. The whole is supported by a with a […]