• Daniele de Batté
    Letting spectators in on your process of design is not a common thing to do. But we are lucky that Genoa-based artist Daniele de Batté invites us to do just that. Daniele is a graphic designer and co-founder of studio Artiva. But his work for Artiva is based on a beautiful study of shapes and […]
    2017.01.16Jana Ahrens
  • The Thin Gold Line
    In a bold move to join minimalism with technological innovation, The Thin Gold Line have launched The Cinematic Collection, a project offering 4 classic, archetypal movie-themed posters in homage to Star Wars, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. Designed by Audric Dandres from Plus Minus, the posters measure 70x100mm and are the largest hot gold foil […]
  • Frank Gerritz: LDN/EDI
    Frank Gerritz is a sculptor. A sculptor, however, who for years has developed his sculptural ideas principally in the form of drawings that nonetheless emanate a markedly space-encompassing energy. For the past two decades, Gerritz has applied layers upon layers of graphite using soft Faber Castell 9B pencil marks on walls, paper and, as is the case […]
  • Éditions 01
    Zé Studio and Ward Roberts combine forces to bring the Éditions 01 series to the masses. Based in Sydney and New York respectively, this collaboration of creative direction and artistic execution is based on a calculated and minimal interpretation of music and film combining. Each piece embodies its own identity; its own response to this […]
  • Waqas Khan
    Madrid based contemporary art gallery Sabrina Amrani exhibited at the last Artissima art fair in Turin Waqas Khan, a talented Pakistani artist. After studying at the National College of Arts and graduating as a Bachelor of Fine Arts, his work has been exhibited in renowned international galleries. He trained in the traditional practice of miniature painting, […]
  • Brutalism
    London based illustrator and designer, Thomas Danthony recently collaborated with Black Dragon press to create a beautifully minimalist series focused on Brutalism architecture in London. Inspired by their concrete beauty, Danthony has illustrated three of London’s most iconic buildings in all their Brutalist glory for a series of limited edition prints. The release consists of […]
  • N
    French born designer and illustrator Thomas Danthony who is currently based in London, has designed N — a 42 page black & white book featuring a collection of graphite and ink drawings. Self-published, N is available in two versions, one of which is a luxury book with a hand made cover. The project was an […]
  • Edition One
    Edition One is a series of minimalist pastel toned linework on rich metallic paper. The pastel colors, printed with matte ink, give a nice contrast with the background and throughout the day the appearance will change by the light. Like the name says Edition One is the first edition of metallic prints by Yield. The series is […]
  • Illustration by Garance Doré
    Some things are so ubiquitous around the internet that they just get taken for granted, even – or especially – in the design world, which is a small one indeed. So let’s set that aside for a moment and talk about Garance Doré‘s fashion illustrations. I’m not a fashionista particularly, but I do enjoy fashion […]
  • Minimal is Good
    Based in Darwen, UK, illustrator and designer Chris Thornley, also often referred to as Raid71, has drawn these beautiful and minimal illustrations as an exercise of warming up before a day of drawing. The collection, titled Minimal is Good, is based on two basic rules: 1. One line (occasionally there are two or three). 2. […]
  • Malika Favre
    Madmoiselle Favre is a french illustrator based in London, having grown up in Paris and moved to the UK to pursue illustration after graduation. Her work spans editorial, music, fashion, and basically a wide variety of many other mediums. My approach to illustration is about paring things down as much as possible. I try and get […]
  • Geometry Daily
    January 1st Tilman Zitzmann, a Germany based interaction and graphic designer, decided to channel his enthusiasm for minimalist graphics in an on-going personal project. Each and every day he publishes a new minimalist art piece, based on geometric shapes, on his tumble log named Geometry Daily. I get a serious flow when I draw simple […]
  • Agnes Martin (1912-2004)
    Agnes Martin was a Canadian born, Vancouver raised artist who came to the United States at the age of 20, where she lived for most of her life. Influenced by the vast landscape she grew up surrounded by and by artists such as Mark Rothko, Donald Judd and Barnett Newman, her spare, paired down artistic style is often […]
    2012.07.25Anna Korkobcova
  • Modern Maps
    Karen O’Leary is a North Carolina, USA-based architect and artist that simplifies the classic map, rendering a clean design as a result of intricate hand-cuts or repetitive black hand-drawn lines. With maps ranging from New York City to Paris and London, O’Leary erases every information judged unnecessary, be it by cutting out land and water […]
  • Kate Beck’s Form Surface
    Maine based artist Kate Beck creates paintings and drawings coalesced of intensity, intimacy and silence that result from a systematic starting point of materials and geometric shape. A particular illustration of Beck’s work I would like to share with you today is the quite wonderful and minimal Form Surface collection. This quiet, yet deliberate collection […]
  • Wish You Were There
    Based in Manchester, England, freelance artist, illustrator and designer, Rob Bailey has created this beautifully illustrated series of thirty landscape drawings – Wish You Were There. They were originally based on the blank address lines on the reverse of a postcard. These minimal illustrations, measuring 30cm x 50cm, successfully present a reduction of visual elements without […]
  • Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective
    New York’s Metropolitan Museum is hosting until the 28th of August the first retrospective of drawings by contemporary North-American artist Richard Serra, presenting a comprehensive overview of forty years of his drawing activity. The exhibition presents the evolution of Serra’s drawings throughout the 1970’s (when he turned to black paintstick, a crayon comprised of a […]
  • Sol LeWitt at Gladstone Gallery
    Gladstone Gallery recently presented an exhibition of large-scale installations by Sol LeWitt (1928-2007), an American artist primarily linked to the Conceptual Art movement on the 1960s and ’70s, but his influence on minimalism is undeniable. Of Wall Drawing #792 (conceived in 1995), Gladstone Gallery says: It underscores LeWitt’s early interest in the intersections between art and […]
    2010.11.23Adrian Clement
  • Lines
    I think the most successful artists that work with sculpture and installation are those that address and involve their work in a highly considered conversation with space. In my opinion, there are few others who do this as well as Fred Sandback (1943-2003), an American artist who was renown for his strictly geometrical yarn sculptures, […]
    2010.11.15Adrian Clement
  • Spacial Drawings
    Like Karen Schifano and Brent Hallard, Australian non-objective artist Margaret Roberts makes great use of tape in her installation work. Roberts is currently a lecturer in drawing at the National Art School in Sydney, and calls her installation works ‘spacial drawings’. Apart from tape, Roberts also uses acrylic and string in an attempt to interact with the […]
    2010.10.26Adrian Clement
  • Elastic Straps and Drawings
    France-based artist Julien Mijangos executed the use of elastic straps quite brilliantly in his Elastic Straps and Drawings show at Sebastien Ricou Gallery. Leaving the majority of the gallery empty, Julien used elastic straps sparingly and quite drastically; intersecting and manipulating the architecture of the building. Superb. His drawings are great, too, by the way. Photography […]
    2010.08.10Adrian Clement
  • Naoto Fukasawa’s notebook
    (This is the second of a series of two posts) Examine a paper notebook. Mostly, it captures our dreams around ideas. As if doodling on a notepad would be the happiest activity on earth. Detour notepad global exhibition, including fifty Moleskine notebooks showcased the creative discipline of architects, designers, and artists in 2009. Japanese product […]
    2010.07.16Vicky Kaiser
  • Landschaft Mit Haus
    Moscow based corporate identity designer and freelance illustrator Maria Zaikina creates landscape art titled “Landschaft Mit Haus” (English: “Landscape With House”). Maria is inspired by travelling around the world with her camera and Wim Wenders‘ movie Alice in the Cities, in which the mean character Alice is searching the cities of Germany for her grandmother, […]
  • Klaus Stadt
    The work of German artist Klaus Stadt is governed by the systematic thinking of the Constructionist movement. But although Stadt is a constructivist, because he sculpts his work with just a few elements or colours, his work has a beautiful minimalist aesthetic. His reliefs, drawings and plastiks/sculptures are consistently built from simple geometric shapes, such […]