• Daniele de Batté
    Letting spectators in on your process of design is not a common thing to do. But we are lucky that Genoa-based artist Daniele de Batté invites us to do just that. Daniele is a graphic designer and co-founder of studio Artiva. But his work for Artiva is based on a beautiful study of shapes and […]
    2017.01.16Jana Ahrens
  • Frank Gerritz: LDN/EDI
    Frank Gerritz is a sculptor. A sculptor, however, who for years has developed his sculptural ideas principally in the form of drawings that nonetheless emanate a markedly space-encompassing energy. For the past two decades, Gerritz has applied layers upon layers of graphite using soft Faber Castell 9B pencil marks on walls, paper and, as is the case […]
  • Roma by Roni Stretch
    Roma is a series of astonishing oil paintings by British artist Roni Stretch that experiment with the limits of perception: Viewing them is akin to adjusting one’s eyes in a darkened room. Images gradually appear as fields of solid colour, seen again from another angle, the same forms recede, swallowed by their backgrounds. The LA-based […]
  • Arjan Janssen
    Born in Eindhoven, Dutch abstract painter Arjan Janssen is the creator of incredibly striking, minimal canvases. With a background in art and philosophy, Janssen’s abstract work, with reduced elements, is always vertically oriented, keeping it grounded. He writes: I try to achieve this by the way I work with the material. You can see and […]
  • Augustus Nazzaro
    It has been quite some time since we last featured some beautiful minimalist art pieces on Minimalissimo, so today I would like to introduce you to the remarkable painted works of New York based abstract artist, Augustus Nazzaro. Nazzaro’s work over recent years predominantly features dark, minimalist, abstract forms, a number of which are inspired […]
  • Matthew Allen
    Australian artist Matthew Allen, currently based in Sydney, is a colour based painter. His work, which has been consistently exhibited at Sydney’s Sullivan+Strumpf gallery since 2008, consists of a beautiful collection of minimalist colour combinations. Allen’s paintings are absent of any formal composition and physical elements of the artist’s hand to present an ongoing enquiry […]
  • Pixels by Kal Mansur
    Toronto based visual artist, Kal Mansur, specialises in solid acrylic sculpture. It is Mansur’s minimalist styled Pixels collection that I am delighted to share with you today. The Pixels bring to mind scaled-down architectural models. Empty spaces, walls and blocks are suggested, subtly visible through the semi-opaque acrylic. There is no point of entry, sealed […]
  • Yves Klein
    This week I have been reminded of the work of Yves Klein (1928-1962) who is perhaps best remembered as a painter of blue monochrome paintings. More specifically, he is known for the particular shade of blue paint employed in his paintings and sculptures, the trademarked International Klein Blue (IKB). But what has drawn my attention […]
    2013.03.23Adrian Clement
  • The Planes
    Chris Packer exhibited a series of paintings titled ‘The Planes’ for Factory 49 in February in what’s known as the ‘Office Space’; for the same duration, I exhibited a new project in the ‘Showroom’. The paintings were white canvases with cotton tape arranged geometrically across them; the cotton tape was white on the outside, but […]
    2013.03.09Adrian Clement
    AaPFAFF is the artistic project of Catalan painter Guillermo Pfaff. His GRADO:0 exhibition in the prestigious La Taché gallery in Barcelona is an exploration in concise, self-contained geometry. His Portable Paintings, canvases that can be folded and stowed away at one’s leisure, are quite a pragmatic and maybe even revolutionary approach to art as a consumer […]
  • 15 Meier Whites
    Dutch artist Ine Vermee, based in Tilburg, has created a minimal and tranquil series of colour planes carried out in enamel on steelplate, adopting a colour sample by the well-known American architect Richard Meier (Thirty Colours 2004) and beautifully demonstrating there is not simply one kind of white. 15 Meier Whites is currently being exhibited […]
  • Agostino Bonalumi
    Italian abstract artist Agostino Bonalumi is renowned for his estroflessioni works or painting objects from 1960 to present. They are essentially made from structures and frames, which, when placed at the backs of canvases, causes them to stretch and deform, creating plays on light and shadow. The result allows the viewer to actively participate in […]
  • Ring Cycle
    I first saw the work of Magda Cebokli (a Polish-born abstract artist living and working in Melbourne, drawing on her experience in psychology) at an exhibition called Shelf Life at Delmar Gallery, just around the corner from my house. I was pleasantly surprised to see her paintings, and happy to report that Cebokli has been responsible for […]
    2012.12.15Adrian Clement
  • David Sawyer Paintings
    English artist David Sawyer, working from his studio based in Louisville, Colorado, recently introduced me to his incredible and minimalist collection of grey grid canvas paintings. While there is a large body of minimalist work involved with grids, straight lines and symmetry, Sawyer’s paintings are freehand, and the linear elements in them are far from […]
  • Black Paintings
    Ad Reinhardt (b. 1913-1967) is often associated with the Abstract Expressionist movement of New York, but like Barnett Newman, his work often defies this categorisation, and is now considered a big influence on minimal art and monochrome painting. He is perhaps best known for his so-called ‘black paintings’. At first, these works seem to be black […]
    2012.10.20Adrian Clement
  • Daniel Biesold
    Daniel Biesold is a German artist currently living and working in Berlin. If you’re unfamiliar with his painting work, I’d like to introduce you to his beautifully minimalist white series, which has been ongoing since 2005. Galerie koal, of where Biesold’s work has been exhibited, writes: The white series addresses the process of perception beyond […]
  • Wyatt Kahn
    I recently came across the outstanding canvas works of New York based artist, Wyatt Kahn, and thought many of you would also appreciate his collection. Kahn’s paintings, which have been exhibited in London, New York, Berlin and Los Angeles, consist of forms, gaps and spaces. The forms are built out of stretcher panels and raw […]
  • Thilo Heinzmann’s Tacmo Exhibition
    Berlin based German artist Thilo Heinzmann is currently exhibiting his solo project, Tacmo at the Andersen-S Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. This interesting and wonderfully executed collection of canvas paintings has been beautifully presented in the gallery, running until 11 August 2012. Each canvas has an intricately structured black surface, illustrating elongated swings, elegant curves, straight […]
  • Kate Beck’s Form Surface
    Maine based artist Kate Beck creates paintings and drawings coalesced of intensity, intimacy and silence that result from a systematic starting point of materials and geometric shape. A particular illustration of Beck’s work I would like to share with you today is the quite wonderful and minimal Form Surface collection. This quiet, yet deliberate collection […]
  • Miya Ando
    If you’re not already familiar with her work, multi award-winning American post-minimalist artist Miya Ando has produced many contemporary art pieces in recent years. Today, however, we’re featuring Ando’s incredible Steel canvas collection. Influenced by the redwoods in Santa Cruz and the simple, reductivist and minimalist setting of the Buddhist temple in Japan, where she […]
  • Luca Brandi
    Born in Florence, Italy in 1961, abstract painter Luca Brandi has produced a wonderful collection dating from 2001-2011. Inspired from a very early age whilst working in various churches in the city of Florence, Brandi studied under Paolo Galletti, who taught the theories on the separation of geometric form through painting and colour. After studying […]
  • Greg Bogin
    Born in 1965 in New York, Greg Bogin‘s artwork is clean and minimal with a synthetic feel. His canvases are irregularly shaped and in full or partially by intensely bright colors. Artistically, he is oriented towards Minimal and Pop Art. I love it.
  • Callum Innes
    Callum Innes is currently exhibiting a small collection of new paintings at Jensen Gallery in Paddington, Sydney. Innes is a Scottish-based painter and a former Turner Prize nominee (Damien Hirst won the Turner Prize the year Innes was nominated). His new collection of paintings are canvases divided into two halves, with two different approaches or techniques […]
    2011.03.28Adrian Clement
  • Pierre Soulages
    Abstract minimalist artist Pierre Soulages (1919) is also called the painter of black. He sees light as a matter to work with. Striating the black surface of his paintings enables him to make the light reflect, and allows the black to come out from darkness and into brightness. Black becomes a luminous colour. Pierre Soulages […]