• La Débraillée
    Everyone prone to an urban lifestyle knows that moment right before leaving the house: You choose your ensemble for the day. An outfit that looks classy, but will also handle any sudden change of weather. Then there is the choice of luggage. Will you carry around your whole office all day? Or do you only […]
    2016.05.16Jana Ahrens
  • Charlie May AW16
    Charlie May is a UK-based designer who has accompanied this publication for a while now, for good reasons. Her sense of minimalism is distilled further with every collection, bringing her growing experience into more and more sculptural and refined designs. The Autumn / Winter 16 collection succeeds at the most multilayered silhouettes so far, setting […]
    2016.05.02Jana Ahrens
  • RUH
    When not belonging to a religion with rules for clothing, it is sometimes hard to imagine from the outside how those devoted to it might go about choosing their outfits, their style. Soni Ruh switched from the outside to the inside view by converting to Islam a year ago. Soni found herself unsatisfied with the […]
    2016.04.25Jana Ahrens
  • MAX.TAN AW16
    MAX.TAN is one of the most reliable fashion labels when it comes to serious experimentation and poetic concepts based on ceaseless minimalism. The Autumn/Winter 16/17 collection is titled CLOISTERED, and deals with a universal longing, the longing for peace. Inspired by two very opposing uniforms — both strongly linked to the fragile question of peace […]
    2016.04.18Jana Ahrens
    Just imagine Scandinavian minimalism, Japanese precision, French elegance and Italian leather coming together in one collection of beautiful accessories. To achieve such a productive merger, it might be necessary to have an outside view, just like Budapest-based designer AGNESKOVACS has. Her current collection goes by the name of LIÉ, which is a French word indicating the […]
    2016.04.11Jana Ahrens
  • Too Damn Expensive SS16
    Too Damn Expensive. Typically that is not a positive connotation to be used in the context of fashion, or — quite frankly — any kind of consumable goods. Nevertheless, Norwegian fashion designer Elisabeth Vestli took up that phrase as a brand name. The ambiguous statement refers to the thoughtful design process and the high quality […]
    2016.04.04Jana Ahrens
  • Melitta Baumeister FW16
    Fall comes to Melitta Baumeister in shapes and abnormality. Her seasonal lookbook includes an image of geometrical lines with neon liquid coming out of a ventilator. And that is her statement — somewhere in the perfection of minimalism lies an imperfection or even a morbid backstory. That twist is the thing that makes designs exciting. Baumeister […]
    2016.03.26Nhat Vo
    UBI SUNT is a Swedish independent fashion label with a focus on contemporary wardrobe essentials and healthy slow business growth. We talked to creative directors Moa Wikman and Aidin Sanati to find out what drives them and where they are heading. Can you tell us a bit about the creation of your own label and where […]
    2016.03.21Jana Ahrens
  • Yohji Yamamoto Fall 16
    Yohji Yamamoto‘s work in fashion spans more than three decades now. And although he has created a very recognisable language of form over the years — sometimes even referred to as Yamamotifs — he has one thing in common with all the great old designers: every season will show a new and inspiring approach towards […]
    2016.03.07Jana Ahrens
  • Orphan Bird AW16
    In a very poetic way, the name of Sweden based fashion brand Orphan Bird evokes a sense of loss and delicateness. And indeed, the images of the current lookbook show the body as a tender creature, while the designs resemble a robust shelter against the outside world. The impression is intricate, but the craftsmanship is […]
    2016.02.22Jana Ahrens
  • Kill Baby Kill
    In the midst of the post-war cinema is the chilling and understated evil child sub-genre, an allegory about control and paranoia. Taking subtle cues from the universe of quirky characters, Hong Kong based brand Röyksopp Gakkai explores the silhouettes of kidswear from the 60’s. The collection, Kill Baby Kill, is an interesting ode to school […]
    2016.02.02Mateus Andrade
  • Narciso Rodriguez Resort 16
    No one but Narciso has ever made a simple line look more stunning. That’s what American Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour famously said about the work of New York based fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez. He is an institution in the history of American fashion. His stunning, simple lines have dressed some of the country’s most prestigious […]
    2015.12.14Jana Ahrens
  • Dion Lee RTW SS16
    Dion Lee‘s Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2016 offering is nothing short of simple cool. The Sydney-based Australian Designer has been challenging the forms of fashion since he entered the arena as a serious contender. This collection is clearly no exception. Described as business girls gone bad the collection sees a series of structured blazers, dresses, […]
  • Everlane
    Know your factories. Know your cost. Always ask why. While this pledge sounds like a good idea for a thriving workspace, at San Francisco based fashion label Everlane, it is also a pledge to the customers. Five years ago Everlane founder Michael Preysman quit his job in venture capital to turn his passion for design […]
    2015.11.16Jana Ahrens
  • Lernert & Sander x COS
    Lernert & Sander videos are remarkable not only for their eclectic nature and boundless exploration of themes; but also for their distinctive visual identity. The duo’s work is highly recognisable, especially their adoption of laboratory-like and monochrome aesthetics. A true exploration of what a controlled ambient can bring to the table, with a firm tongue […]
    2015.10.27Mateus Andrade
  • Black Merino 2
    The result of a fascination with continuity, longevity and timelessness, Black Merino 2 is the third collection from the stylish Polish apparel brand THISISNON. Incorporating high-tech thermo insulation for better comfort, the collection is a true embodiment of THISISNON’s manifesto—simple, perfectly tailored clothes for everyday life. The brand offers only a few essential pieces and encourages respect for natural resources […]
  • Melitta Baumeister SS16
    The latest Melitta Baumeister collection — created for Spring/Summer 2016 — stays true to the designer’s idiosyncratic artistic principles. All black and white with silhouettes partly deforming the female body, partly emphasising its specific shapes, Melitta Baumeister again manages to bridge the gap between experimental and minimalist wardrobe, between art and design. Her ongoing collaboration […]
    2015.10.19Jana Ahrens
  • Akris SS16
    The translation amongst design fields has always been difficult. But for designer Albert Kriemler of Akris, there was no hardship when it comes to his collection for Spring Summer 2016. Influential architect Sou Fujimoto serves as the main inspiration for the show, apparent through the minimal reinterpretation of the architect’s N House as the backdrop. Similar to […]
    2015.10.17Nhat Vo
  • MAX.TAN SS16
    Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak. That is how Singapore based womenswear fashion label MAX.TAN describes the basics of their design. It is a description in which the inspiration for the Spring / Summer 2016 collection Thou shalt not is perfectly embedded. It plays with the notion of unachievable perfection. […]
    2015.10.05Jana Ahrens
  • THE ROW Resort 16
    Clean cut with an aura of mystique, highly luxurious but modest, conceptually considered but easy to grasp: The latest THE ROW collection pushes the elaborate design language of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen to a point where they finally might be spared any reference to their childhood stardom. At least that’s what the CFDA panel might have […]
    2015.09.21Jana Ahrens
  • Chiyome FW15
    New York City-based women’s accessories brand Chiyome is launching their new Fall/Winter ’15 collection this September. Paying rigorous attention to minimalist design and materiality, the new collection is inspired by fine art and structural innovation. A study of varied texture, they analyse lush surfaces in contemporary art to define a collection that invites touch — a luxe material awakening. […]
  • Melitta Baumeister FW15
    When you speak to innovative people working in fashion education you’ll find that there is one piece of advice all of them would give to their pupils: Find new ways to create volume and interesting outlines in your garments. German-born and New York-based fashion designer Melitta Baumeister is one of the few young aspiring artists […]
    2015.09.07Jana Ahrens
  • Anna Michaelis
    The archaic, radical simplification and the visual ambivalence of a convincing, self-evident extreme. All this comes together in Anna Michaelis’ graduate collection. To complete her fashion design studies at the University of the Arts Berlin, she went right back to the beginning of clothing and closely examined the features of a simple object: the cloth. […]
    2015.08.24Jana Ahrens
  • Scott Benedictine
    Scott Benedictine‘s latest Debut Capsule Collection epitomises the brand’s ethos of slow fashion. The idea that the garments that we ornament ourselves with, that which we choose to use as a way to express our personalities actually has some deliberation. Rarely do we question the origins or the processes behind how and where such adornings […]