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Co is the collaboration between Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern whose Spring Summer 2014 collection is elegant, minimalist, strong and feminine at the same time. The selection of material holds an important part in their direction of this collection. The tailoring of leather and draping of silk in their designs are seductive in both the style and the comfort in its essence. The forms of pouf sleeves, reversed Georgian V-neckline and draped, cascading silk bring much femininity to the monochromatic color scheme. The duo behind Co have impressed with the subtle elegance and easy minimalism with this collection. Photos courtesy of

By transferring the shape of a common shopping bag into soft and snug calf leather, Hamburg based product designer Sandra Thomsen created a simple and most luxurious companion to carry your day-to-day necessities in a classy way. She calles it the Fluo bag. The disposable plastic bag recast in soft calf leather with standard proportions, right down to the punched out crescent handle and bottom placket. The bag becomes even more beautiful while using it a lot. The leather softens and will get a great patina. In my opinion the transfer works both ways. Not only does the leather refine the everyday shape of the original plastic shopping bag, but the plain, unlined cut also exposes the amazing quality – the shine, touch and the velvety nubuck back of the calf leather — perfectly. You can see it in the beautiful way the leather folds in when the Fluo bag is empty. Or in the nice geometric shape, accentuated by the leather polish, when you carry it around. A highlight.

Melitta Baumeister’s White Collection is a play on light, texture and shape. The main focus of the collection is a strict minimal palette of white, which is adhered to with rigor. The collection is a combination of oversized and exaggerated cuts and drapery that seem to use the human figure as a hanger, more than the focus. The fabric is the centerpiece, the adorned is the accessory. Originally from Germany, Baumeister recently graduated from Parsons New School with an MFA in Design and Society. Her work embodies the minimalist spirit and her discipline to the discipline is courageous and beautiful. This collection has been beautifully captured by UK photographer Paul Jung. Currently living and working in New York City, she is definitely one to watch. Photography courtesy of Paul Jung.

KIOMI is a newly established independent German fashion label with seasonal ready-to-wear collections produced throughout the year. Although their collections are not typically minimalistic in their aesthetic, I recently came across their exceptionally simple and stylish high-top shoes. Devoid of any external branding, the KIOMI mark is only featured on the inside sole of the shoe, maintaining a clean and essential appearance. I like this. Designed with 100% genuine leather, these high-tops are available in white, black and brown — the white certainly being the standout choice for me. There is not a lot more you can ask for when it comes to casual and comfortable minimalism in a shoe. Images courtesy of Zalando.

Embodied in the collection of Sydney-based label Ellery’s Pre Fall collection is a variety of rich fabrics such as brocade, velvet and duchesse satin, in the emphasized silhouettes of sculptured necklines and luxurious bustiers. Kym Ellery, who is behind the label, takes an innovative direction using flares, drapery and folds over the sleeves and collars to accentuate the volume of these pieces. At the same time, she maintains the femininity of the collection, keeping the design to a minimal while letting the softness of the curves and sculpted fabric reveal and accentuate the female form. It is this direction that makes it a bold collection, one that is unique yet familiar in the most recent Pre Fall shows of 2014.

This beautiful collection of geometric jewelry has been created by Phoenix based designer Melanie Shelor. Called Laminar, which means smooth, layered flow, the collection includes series of earrings and rings, all crafted by hand from silver. Here is how Shelor describes her work: Laminar is a project I began in 2009 as an exploration into the assemblage of shape, color, and texture in the form of jewelry fabrication and objets d’art. While jewelry at times is meant to be a signifier, I prefer to see it as an intermediary between the person and her environment – a kind of pattern or rhythm that visually negotiates the discrepancy between the two. I love the unadorned simplicity of these pieces. As if drawn in a single line, they appear airy and effortless.

Brands evolving out of a personal need for something not available on the market are usually the best. One of them: Berlin based spectacles manufacturer OWL. The team consists of three friends – a designer, a strategist and a coder – who were looking for timeless, classy frames offered for a reasonable price on the web. They consider a pair of glasses to be an important part of any outfit. That is why, from their point of view, it does not make sense to own a hallway full of shoes but only a single pair of spectacles. So they got to work and founded OWL: We create enduring pieces of the contemporary, well crafted and attainable. We sell the frames with high quality lenses in our beautiful and easy to use online shop, directly to good folks across the EU. However, when I look at OWL, I don’t just see the beautiful glasses. It’s the personal, relaxed and friendly way the brand communicates which really sets them apart from other online optic brands. That is why I am very curious about the carefully chosen real-world places they will find during the coming year, where they will make trying on their...

Marni’s Homme collection for Fall 2014 exhibits a subtle, minimalist direction with emphasis on texture and volume of materials inspired for the working wardrobe. Typically known for their bold colors and geometric prints, Marni’s language for this mens’ season consists of sombre polished suits and layers of incredibly rich and interesting fabric over the usual tweed and polyester. Consuelo Castiglioni, who is behind the Italian label, piques the designs with newer proportions of tailoring which I find quite appealing after it caught me by surprise. The elegance of a man’s suit is not just simply defined by its shape and style but the personality behind putting it all together, like this collection by Marni.

Recently featured designer curation store, Still House has launched a beautiful jewelry collection embodying the ethos of the store. Designed, conceived and manufactured by the store owner Urte Tylaite the pieces are a nod to the design philosophy of the pieces and artists featured at Still House. Each piece is seamlessly hand-made and finished in a selection of sterling silver and gold, with a black and gold diamond inset. Each piece has a sense of calm, seamless lines and stripped back minimalism. I like this subtlety a lot. The collection is available in their East Village store, as well as online and features a series of earrings, rings and necklaces, varying in lengths. Photography courtesy of Still House.

I was recently introduced to Sans Form, an independent minimalistic brand of t-shirts, hoodies, prints and bags created by an international collective of renowned graphic designers. Hand-printed using the best paper, the most vibrant ink, and only the softest of t-shirts, their products have been beautifully and carefully designed. The majority of prints in the store have been designed by Sans Form, but the superb and visually simple Shapes Evolution collection is the result of Italian graphic designer Alessandro Scarpellini of Aesse. Many more designers will be contributing to the store throughout the year, including Add Studio, Ashley O’Brien, Andy Sherborne, Bili Cardona, and Maqina. Sans Form have also been generous enough to offer our readers a 10% discount on all items, using the code: MINIMALISSIMO. There is also a 15% discount if you follow Sans Form on Twitter or Instagram.

Zoé Girard is a Montreal-based textile student and seamstress who creates comfortable-wear for her independent brand, Zoé G. Kocsis. Specializing in cozy outfits, everything is handmade with natural materials, such as wool, linen and cotton, and defined by comfort and ease of use. Her small collection is called week-end and consists of five soft, simple pieces that are light, airy and ideal for casual adventures, lounging and sleeping. My personal favorite is the featured black romper – such a stylish, simple outfit. The collection can be purchased online. Photography by Jennifer-Lynn Christie.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, I do. When I initially laid my eyes on the opening look of Helmut Lang Pre-Fall 2014, I told myself: I need to feature this. Sometimes, a collection is not so much about textures, or even innovations, but simply silhouettes. By staying monochromic, designers Nicole and Michael Colovos really gave rise to the outlines of this collection. There is an interweaving element of both masculinity and femininity across all the looks. Pieces like blazers and jackets define the strong side, while techniques like draperies and side-slits soften it up. Needless to say, the styling is light and simple. I especially adore the slip-on oxfords and the absence of jewelries. Everything works so well together that the definition of minimalism is perfectly fitting here. Photography courtesy of