• Article & Goods
    San Francisco based designer and founder Sam Chen grew up surrounded by people working with fabrics and in fashion. He was taught how to hand sew at a very young age and he regularly visited his seamstress mother at a garment factory. This upbringing motivated him to build a successful career in the fashion industry. […]
    2016.08.29Jana Ahrens
  • Katamaku
    Katamaku is a new series of products, born out of Tokyo, Japan, that utilise unused parts of the membrane material that were to be discarded. They were made into various cases and bags for everyday use with excellent durability. In order to keep its beautiful texture, the products are made from a single sheet of […]
  • Minimalux Sleeves
    During this week’s London Design Festival, London based design brand Minimalux have announced the launch of a range of new minimalist products. One such announcement was of their natural vegetable tan leather sleeves for the iPad, iPad mini and iPhone. This is the result of a collaborative project with leather goods specialists, MES. Traditional hand […]
  • Cuoiela
    Cuoiela is a Kickstarter project currently run by Virginia based studio Nolla design. This minimalist and elegant cash and credit card holder is envisioned as a cure for bulky traditional overly stitched wallets. Cuoiela is completely smooth, not a thread in sight, and it holds your possessions discretely. During my design research, I found that many card wallets are simply […]
  • Nothing Fancy
    There have been many exercises in paring down the wallet to the ultimate minimalistic design, but I believe London-based Taiwanese designer Chieh Ting Huang has arrived at that ideal quite successfully. Nothing Fancy is a collection of non-stitched minimalist solutions for the wallet, re-imagined for the contemporary lifestyle. Using only a foldable leather hide template […]
  • Moneywrap
    This beautiful minimalist cash and cards holder by Daycraft is everything that the traditional wallet is not. It is small, simple, light and compartment free. The piece, aptly called Moneywrap, is reduced to a singular folding principle. It wraps around your banknotes, which in turn are folded over your credit cards. The result is a sleek […]
  • TYP
    Japanese product designer and art director Teruhiro Yanagihara of Isolation Unit has designed TYP – an elegant collection of leather goods for the Tokyo based leather manufacturer Morpho. The collection essentially comprises a variety of booklets or wallets, a brand concept derived from a paper and stationary theme. Available in ISO standard paper sizes (C4, […]
  • MAKR Carry Goods
    MAKR is the brainchild of Jason Gregory, who designs and patterns every product (and produces all of the hand-sewn small goods in house) along with his team. Composed mostly of bags, cases and accessories, MAKR products are all invariably designed in clean lines and their apparent simplicity and effortlessness belie quite a sophisticated build. The […]
  • The Fold
    How’s this for a minimalist billfold? The Fold, by New York shoemakers Leffot, is nothing more than a piece of leather folding around your bills. The beautiful quality Horween shell cordovan comes in the colours rust, dark brown, and natural.