• Vipp Bathroom Collection
    As Danish brand Vipp continues its path as trailblazers for quality design, it is obvious to note a clear predilection for constant straightforwardness and utter simplicity throughout their Bathroom Collection. Firmly based on black and white sensibility, the monochromatic variation exudes surprising breadth and sophistication. Interestingly enough, the designers chose to adopt a slight change […]
    2016.03.29Mateus Andrade
  • Confetti Credenza
    Moving Mountains is an interdisciplinary studio founded by Syrette Lew, who was born and raised in Hawaii. With a sustainable solution of producing and realizing her designs within the United States, she focuses on making utilitarian objects through whimsical simplicity. Confetti Credenza is one of the children from that playful minimalism that the designer explores […]
    2015.01.24Nhat Vo
  • 100 Years of Pastoe
    The internationally recognised Dutch furniture brand, Pastoe, is a brand that stands for simplicity, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship. This year, Pastoe are celebrating 100 years of design innovation and are currently exhibiting their many designs at Kunsthal Rotterdam, including furniture, drawings, publications, photographs, posters and advertisements. Curated by Anne van der Zwaag and a host […]
  • Tom Kundig Collection
    The Tom Kundig Collection, launched in 2012 by Olsen Kundig Architects is a celebration of the moments when people become kinetically involved with the buildings and spaces they inhabit. The series features a variety of differing interaction scenarios, suitably named peek, no peek, droop, pull and earless. The collection is one of stylised conscious consideration […]
  • Pivot Desk and Vanity
    In 2008 Shay Alkalay of Raw-Edges designed the Pivot cabinet. The drawers of the wooden cabinet are hinged together, which means they can both be opened at the same time. A feature of which conventional drawers do not have. Since, Alkalay has created two new additions to the Pivot line for one of Europe’s leading table […]
  • Fabien Baron for Cappellini
    The great and ever inspirational creative director Fabien Baron, under his full spectrum design agency Baron & Baron, has created a quite incredible range of minimalist furnishings for the Milan based design firm, Cappellini. The range of designs include a variety of sofas and chairs, one of which is a slender lounge chair, as well […]
  • Funiture
    As a fan of New York-based practice Snarkitecture ever since their collaboration with fashion designer Richard Chai, I have been looking forward to their new installation in Chicago’s Volume Gallery, a series of everyday objects ‘confused’ in their original function, typical context and familiar materials, producing a collection of Fun. A lamp whose globe melts away […]
    2012.06.09Adele Lim
  • Sticks
    I like the versatile cabinets named Sticks, by Dutch product- and interior designer Gerard de Hoop. De Hoop’s work is characterized by simplicity, versatility and play of lines with attention to functionality. Inspired by seeing a number of placards put aside he created a cabinet system with boxes, in four different widths and heights, standing […]
  • Shift by Scholten & Baijings
    Minimalist product designers Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings have created this contemporary and sophisticated storage unit, Shift, for Dutch furniture brand Pastoe. Introduced during the IMM Cologne at Design Post Keulen from 15-22 January 2012, Shift offers a beautiful blend of simplistic form with an expressive and carefully considered use of colours. Due to the […]
  • Framed Moca
    Designed by Koenraad Ruys for Belgian product company Moca, the Framed storage unit is a varnished buffet composed of multiple compartments in different colors, all integrated into a black steel frame. It’s a fun interpretation of De Stijl and Bauhaus principles in all its boxy geometric glory. As it’s been said before here in Minimalissimo, […]
  • RKNL Audio
    If you’re a bit like me, you’re not a big fan of cables in sight. RKNL Audio is a media console designed by Dutch designer Ronald Knol. It hides those ugly cables neatly in a double back case, and it has an open space and two storage drawers for other electronic components. RKNL Audio is made […]
    2010.12.22Jorge San Luis
  • Mrs Bill
    The Mrs Bill collection, designed by Mick Born for Karl Andersson & Sönner, features a really interesting alternative to door handles. This kind of minimalist furniture usually works with chamfer edges or a similar solution, but Mrs Bill has been designed with upturned corners on the doors. A really simple, smart and elegant solution! The collection […]
    2010.11.03Jorge San Luis
  • Horizontals
    During its almost 100 years of existence, Dutch manufacturer Pastoe has made some great furniture design. These minimalist cabinets named Horizontals are obtainable in two height sizes and are suitable for storing such items as CDs and DVDs. In Horizontals, coloured metal sliding doors are mounted on a warm wooden or aluminium base. The elegantly […]
    2010.03.28Stan Grootes
  • Less Stuff
    Sometimes all you need is one drawer! Less stuff is a chest consisting of just one drawer, making it an interesting variation to, say, a nightstand. I think I am most struck by the simple archetypical form of the object, and the incredible lo-fi-ness of it. Less Stuff is made by Studio Ditte, a design […]
  • Lowboard
    This cabinet, the Lowboard, was designed by Ennio Arosio for MDF Italia. The Lowboard is actually a modular system, composed of units containing 2, 3 or 4 compartments for drawers.  This modular setup allows you to create a cabinet that exactly fits your living room. It is available in two finishes: natural anodized aluminium, and […]