Coat rack

  • Game of Trust Hanger
    Yiannis Ghikas’ Game of Trust Hanger is designed based on three interlocking, leaning elements. The Game of Trust itself is one based on trusting your partner, and falling into a position of support, reinforcing the strength of the connection. This Hanger plays up to this notion. Available in a number of painted or natural finishes, […]
  • Nadia coat stand
    The minimalist Nadia coat stand by Matsuso T is constructed from wooden poles with equall diameter. The coat stand has a neat look in addition to an expansive impression reminiscent of trees. This impression is even stronger when two or more stands are placed right next to each other, creating a little forest. The stand, […]
  • New Tendency
    Berlin based design studio New Tendency is an outstanding interdisciplinary endeavour following a deeply holistic approach towards furniture and accessories. The collection is a mix of original products and collaborations with selected designers. It is united by clear aesthetics and functional form as well as a consistent production strategy: Every product is crafted regionally. Most of […]
    2014.07.28Jana Ahrens
  • Pedrali Furniture Collection
    Pedrali, an Italian multi-disciplinary design firm established in 1963, has recently launched their newest furniture collection that showcases their collaborative ethics with innovative thinkers. With a series of wooden and upholstered products, the functionality gives rise to designs that are both fun and simple. With notable seating items such as “Snow Junior” by Odo Fioravanti; […]
    2014.05.17Nhat Vo
  • Tre bien
    Marco Guazzini’s Tre bien umbrella stand stands as a pillar of beautiful minimalism. His philosophy is based on a sensorial contact with the matter and the beginning of things generating emotion. For him, the emphasis is to design to return processed experiences. He plays with a combination of shapes, feelings, sensations, details, memories, lights, suggestions, […]
  • Peel
    It is not easy to romanticize veneer, but Netherlands based studio Oato succeeded by designing this minimalist coat stand, aptly called Peel. Created in collaboration with woodworking company Kuperus & Gardenier, the peace makes the best of the material – Finnish birch plywood. Here is how the designers describe their approach: We call our way of design […]
  • Prosthesis
    Stockholm based design studio Form Us With Love created this stunning modular hanger named Prosthesis. In medicine a prosthesis is an artificial device extension that replaces a missing. In this coat hanger, the prosthesis unifies all its parts to a beautiful unit for storage of clothes. The hanger, made of wooden modules and a dyed […]
  • Ker
    Ker is an attractive coat stand designed by Lluïsa Morató for the Spanish company Systemtronic, which specialises in office furniture and accessories since 1984. The coat stand is made using twelve beech wooden bars fixed slightly inclined to a lacquered steel hoop with butterfly screws. I really enjoy the prominence that this coat stand can have […]
    2012.09.04Jorge San Luis
  • Ladder Coat Rack
    Inspired by traditional ladders, former Konstfack student, Yenwen Tseng created the Ladder Coat Rack. Last year the Taiwan based designer founded his own studio. You can easily arrange this light-weight rack according to the use and space arrangement. The rack can stand alone because of a pair of hidden hinges and offers numerous ways of […]
  • Caccia Grossa Bianco
    Milan based contemporary design manufacturer Lettera G, who work closely with a number of Italian designers, have produced this attractive and minimalist collection of animal wall-mounted clothing racks – Caccia Grossa Bianco (Big White Game). We are assured no animals were harmed in the production of this collection. The scientific nomenclature of each animal is printed […]
  • Mr. T
    Darmstadt based industrial design duo Marcel Kieser and Christof Spath of Kieser Spath have created a simple and intelligent clothing rail concept in Mr. T. The rail consists of two wooden T-shaped strips and a metal rod sitting between them. Featured at this year’s DMY International Design Festival in Berlin, the freestanding Mr. T is […]
  • Anacleto coat hanger
    Italy-based designer and columnist for the online edition of Rolling Stone magazine, Paolo Capello created the Anacleto coat hanger. Made of metal, the hanger simply leans against the wall. Due to its minimalist and timeless design, the hanger will fit into different kinds of interiors. Durable and easy to relocate, Anacleto is manufactured by Miniforms.
  • Coat rack
    Sticks and stone won’t break my bones – they’ll hold my coat. This here is a coat rack, designed by Lithuanian product/furniture designer Vytautas Gecas. The foot is made out of concrete, the stick are plain wood. I love that it’s just sticks in a pot: two honest and unadorned materials, which come together to […]
  • Zen & Lola
    Beat Glässer runs the aptly named Glässer design firm in Zurich, Switzerland. Two pieces in his current design portfolio are truly minimalist: coat rack Zen and desk Lola. Both designs are based on an idea that is as simple as it is brilliant: Glässer recognized that he could reduce the number of legs to two, […]