Coffee table

  • Bias Coffee Table
    This beautiful coffee table has been designed by German studio Geckeler Michels for the Italian company Crassevig based in Friuli, the north-east region where the best chairs are made. The Berlin-based designers have always been driven by their love of studying materials and technological research. Bias Coffee Table is inspired by graphic art, in which pure […]
  • Wave Table
    BE Design’s Wave Table prototype helps manifest a series of clean imagined lines. Measuring 660mm x 380mm x 450mm, this acrylic beauty is inspired as a magazine rack, a table or however the user decides to best utilise its intriguing shape. In the words of the creators mouths themselves, the smooth shape of this piece […]
  • No-No Tables
    No-No Tables are the creative meeting of two minimal greats, Norm Architects and Note Design Studio. Inspired by a meeting in Italy, and an old marble floor, these two Scandinavian firms saw potential. The table itself manifests in a number of differing sizes and heights, allowing for collaboration amongst the collection to create vignettes and to allow […]
  • Hao Wai
    Luke Wong of Hao Wai is an American furniture designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in designed objects from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Most of his skills are self-taught; learned through hands-on and on the job experience. In addition to custom commissions, Hao Wai provides high-end fabrication work for architects and […]
  • Contour Side Tables
    Brooklyn-based Bower is the parent of these beautifully muted Contour Side Tables. The collection sees a fusion of pastel type colours in the form of the tinted-glass table-tops contrasted against the crisp with white lacquer-painted table base. The pair is intended as a nesting set of support pieces for a space, where the arrangement and […]
  • Kanban
    Andrea Ponti‘s Kanban side table embodies the cultural contrasts of Hong Kong in a product. This industrial design piece purposely plays with formal expectations of shape, and turns them on itself. Weighted by a concrete and dense base, the table-top is comprised of charcoal coloured steel, which floats above its solid foundation. The idea that […]
  • Chieut Table
    Minimalism can be routinely associated with abstraction and heaviness, an understandable marque considering the austereness of most works with said label; in contrast, talented designers like Seung Jun Jeong inhabits the other side of the spectrum, with utter lightness and visual trickery as his approach. Undeniable technical precision sets the Chieut Table apart as a […]
    2015.11.17Mateus Andrade
  • REK coffee table
    The REK coffee table by Reinier de Jong can be extended in different directions to adjust to one’s wishes. Slide out the two inner parts to create an extra table surface for your guests or to easily create storage shelves — perfect for books and magazines — underneath.  Built-in stops ensure you will not extend the […]
  • Linea
    Alvaro Diaz Hernandez’s Linea coffee table and magazine rack is a collection that imbues the strength of the line. All pieces are purposely designed to be used as both sculptural and industrially purposeful functional forms. The pieces are made of powder-coated steel members, welded together to create a series of calculated and rigid forms. The interpretation […]
  • Fossilium Tables + Stools
    When one thinks of incorporating nature into one’s home, that thought often involves trees. However, Amsterdam-based studio Formafantasma by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin has a different direction for that thought. Specializing in designs that fuse tradition and local culture, while regarding sustainability and the objects’ significance, their products incorporate the most unusual materials—such as […]
    2014.09.20Nhat Vo
  • Grill
    Zeren Saglamer’s Grill is a beautiful combination of lines. The materiality and the expression of its composition, is beautiful. Described as a half solid surface and half cage-like table, this piece is available in both a carrara marble and wooden surface. The metal bands that accompany the solid surface also act as a hanging surface […]
  • New Tendency
    Berlin based design studio New Tendency is an outstanding interdisciplinary endeavour following a deeply holistic approach towards furniture and accessories. The collection is a mix of original products and collaborations with selected designers. It is united by clear aesthetics and functional form as well as a consistent production strategy: Every product is crafted regionally. Most of […]
    2014.07.28Jana Ahrens
  • Shift Tables
    Dutch design office Oato., who’s work we have previously featured, recently introduced me to their latest design — Shift — a minimalistic set of tables with a playful design with many different sides and subtle bending details. The Shift tables are laser-cut from a continuous rectangular sheet of 3mm steel. We strategically left small segments […]
  • 621 Side Table
    Furniture manufacturer Vitsœ and German industrial designer Dieter Rams are likely to be familiar names to our readers. It is a wonderful collaboration between these two that I have the pleasure of sharing with you today — the 621 Side Table. Originally designed by Rams in 1962 for Vitsœ, it has been re-engineered in 2014 […]
  • Cubico
    We recently featured the work of Italian industrial designer and architect, Alessandro Di Prisco, with his SILK design. Today, I’m introducing you to another beautifully simplistic creation by the Napoli based designer. It is Cubico – a minimalist cubic furniture item that can be used in a variety of ways. Di Prisco explains: The Cubico […]
  • Funiture
    As a fan of New York-based practice Snarkitecture ever since their collaboration with fashion designer Richard Chai, I have been looking forward to their new installation in Chicago’s Volume Gallery, a series of everyday objects ‘confused’ in their original function, typical context and familiar materials, producing a collection of Fun. A lamp whose globe melts away […]
    2012.06.09Adele Lim
  • Vic
    Viña del Mar based design studio Elemento Diseño (Jaime Zuñiga and Emmanuel Gonzalez) have created Vic – a minimal coffee table for Quattria – a Barcelona based design company of contemporary furniture, who’s focus is developing the ideas of young designers. Made from plywood and lacquered in white, the Vic coffee table, comprising of just […]
  • KINK
    Osko+Deichmann, the product design studio founded by Blasius Osko and Oliver Deichmann, created a minimalist family of tubular steel furniture named “KINK”. While normally tubing used in furniture is bent the Berlin design duo rather functionally folded, dented and kinked the tubes in their furniture pieces. The traces that come with the steel process are […]
  • Tray
    Tray is the new coffee table collection by Spanish design studio Estudi Arola for furniture company Kendo. The collection is constructed around a central concept: a matt lacquer metal base is combined with mobile trays. These trays, available in a matt lacquer metal or walnut finish, allow you to personalize the object and add a fine […]
    2010.11.17Jorge San Luis
  • Silva/Bradshaw
    Without friends where would we be? My good friend Sonia of Area22 dropped us a line about Silva/Bradshaw, a small design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Apparently, they have something good to offer – and yes they do! Silva/Bradshaw, founded in 2010, is the combination of Sergio Silva and Matthew Bradshaw. Their portfolio spans furniture, […]
  • Dolphin
    Dolphin is the new collection by Curve Ahead, Javier Palomares‘s design studio in California, USA. The Dolphin collection spans two side tables and a coffee table. As the name suggests, the design is inspired by the anatomy of a dolphin. The pieces are made of glaciar white Corian top with a powder coated steel frame. I like the […]
    2010.09.29Jorge San Luis
  • Impact
    Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani are two Frech designers who work together under the flag of Noon Studio. Noon Studio is based in London, U.K. and Avignon, France. The designers teamed up with Arkheia, which is the commercial exponent of LERM, the French Laboratory for Material Research and Study. Arkheia developed a quick setting concrete in […]
  • Blox
    I myself am a pretty hardcore minimalist in my taste for furniture. I’m a sucker for that rational minimalism, where even the variation in an object’s proportions is brought down to the minimum. And so, cubes appeal to me. Consider the Blox Cube. Doesn’t it remind you of our godfather Donald Judd’s cubes? And then there’s […]
  • Coffee table 20
    The work of designer Ronald Knol, from Dutch furniture studio RKNL, is characterized by clean lines combined with soft curves. The elegant Coffee table 20 is a good example of this. The coffee table consists of two discs, of which the upper one seems to float. The space between the discs is offers a huge […]