• Desk 01
    The Desk 01 by Artifox was created with one objective: to inspire and refine your personal workspace. It is inspired by a traditional writing desk, but adapted to fit one’s modern needs. Desk 01, available in solid maple or solid walnut hardwood, has some clever built-in features. Your mobile devices are always within reach thanks […]
  • Fju
    Cologne based design studio Kaschkasch created a slim wallmounted, foldable desk named Fju. Folded down you have a small workspace with a smooth writing surface. When you are done you just place your belongings in the storage pockets under the desk and fold up. Now the storage pockets are revealed and the desk has transformed into […]
  • Mamba and Mamba Light
    Mamba, by Bulgarian designer Victor Vasilev for MDF Italia is more than a shelf. It’s a perfect combination of shape, function and material, a unique mix of a shelf, a console and a desk with a LED light source which creates a new kind of furnishing. Mamba is a new concept of furniture comprised of Cristaplant, […]
  • Desk Pad
    Desk Pad by the German designer Eric Degenhardt is a wall mounted secretaire with extractable leather pad and storage. Degenhardt tends towards formal lightness – letting the pieces hover, with sleek shapes and clean details and a minimum of different materials. There is a large multi-functional storage space hidden underneath the desktop. A traditional book rest and pen holder are situated […]
  • Hold On
    Hold On is a modular desk and shelving system developed by the great Belgian designer Xavier Lust for the Dutch furniture company Gispen. Its elements are fixed on the wall with vertical supports that rest on the ground, producing a fantastic feeling of simplicity and lightness because of the reduction of the structure to the […]
    2013.04.28Jorge San Luis
  • Folia desk
    You know the situation that your desk is covered with piles of documents? For some piles can be an effective work method to keep track of their projects. But as piles grow deeper and taller they stop being useful. Industrial designer Leon Ransmeier created a minimalist desk of lacquered aluminum and steel that gives shape and […]
  • Pivot Desk and Vanity
    In 2008 Shay Alkalay of Raw-Edges designed the Pivot cabinet. The drawers of the wooden cabinet are hinged together, which means they can both be opened at the same time. A feature of which conventional drawers do not have. Since, Alkalay has created two new additions to the Pivot line for one of Europe’s leading table […]
  • Plus Desk
    The Plus desk has been created by London based design studio Goodwin + Goodwin. Minimal, elegant and lightweight, the piece requires no fixings or fittings. It simply slots together. The legs create four pluses when interlock (hence the name). The studio’s background in graphic design and iPhone application design is noticeable in this piece. Made out of one solid, […]
  • DeskBox
    The DeskBox is an elegant little worktable, created by Israel-born UK-based designers Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges studio for the furniture brand Arco, It its “box” mode, the item is barely extended from the wall. But as you pull the cover down – it turns into a nicely sized workstation. Designers explain: The Deskbox is a practical small […]
  • T-723-X1
    Looking for a nice minimalist desk? Switzerland based furniture manufacturer Colin SA created a plain desk, named T-723-X1, which is easy to move and simple to assemble. No tools or screws are needed to assemble the desk of FSC certified multiplex plywood. The T-723-X1 is available in a raw version, natural planed and grinded plywood, […]
  • KINK
    Osko+Deichmann, the product design studio founded by Blasius Osko and Oliver Deichmann, created a minimalist family of tubular steel furniture named “KINK”. While normally tubing used in furniture is bent the Berlin design duo rather functionally folded, dented and kinked the tubes in their furniture pieces. The traces that come with the steel process are […]
  • DEX desk
    Reinier de Jong recently presented another refined furniture piece: the DEX desk. The Rotterdam (The Netherlands) based designer created a minimalist and compact desk suitable for small spaces. The desk is made of two horizontal cross shapes laths of solid wood in which a drawer unit is placed. The desk is available with two or […]
  • Oak
    This is Oak, the result of an extracurricular, collaborative student workshop at Lund University School of Industrial Design, Sweden. The goal: to explore archetypes and stereotypes in the world of furniture. The group developed a range of independent pieces, but which are actually impressively coherent. Of course it helps that they’re all made from the […]
  • Milk mini
    Denmark’s Søren Rose studio created a new member of the Milk product line: the Milk mini. This small console table for your notebook is a slimmer version of its predecessor offering a simple solution for those who have a smaller workspace. The table is mounted in a way so that it leans against the wall. Despite […]
  • Neat
    Neat is a minimalist table designed by French designer Christophe Pillet for Kristalia. The construction of the table is simple and straightforward, aluminium, plywood, and white lacquer. Christophe Pillet says: The chair and table I have designed are ambitious projects, not only due to their design but also to the difficulty involved in industrially producing […]
  • Halo
    Halo is the new design for Dune by Egyptian designer Karim Rashid. For this design, Rashid has left his usual organic lines behind and developed a rectilinear desk. He explains: Visually quite simple, its asymmetry corresponds to the different kinds of storage required in an office. For example, the two open spaces can serve to house […]
    2010.12.15Jorge San Luis
  • Shift
    Digital fabrication has allowed for the advent of minimalist designers to manufacture products with unprecedented results. Seamless design coupled with precision accuracy defines Alain Berteau’s Shift console, desk, and table for Feld. Shift, which is made of lacquered HPL panels, hides slim drawers within its sleek aesthetic, and includes a structural beam for cable management. The form […]
  • Milk
    Danish designer Søren Rose Kjær gave us Milk, a smart desk to keep your workspace clutter free. Inside the large table top, Milk holds a cable drawer, cable exits, and an integrated front file. The most interesting however, ate the four eye-atching square modular spaces. These can be customised into garbage bins, pencil holders, an iPod drawer […]
  • Globus
    No world globe this time but a beautiful, multifunctional, space-saving work station that’s equally at home in a public environment or an office. The Globus has a cast aluminium base on wheels supporting a moulded plastic globe with two sections. Once it is opened, the wheels are blocked. One half of the globe is a […]
    2010.03.12Stan Grootes
  • Saint-Étienne Collection
    This is the furniture for the new building of the School of Arts and Design in Saint-Etienne, France. The set of different types of seats and work tables are designed by Francois Mangeol and Sophie Francon, both from France. The modular system allows a variety of configurations within the space. Minimalist, yet with plenty of […]
  • Tab
    During the day, Tab is an office desk, with various compartments for office supplies: paper, pens, and even a USB-hub. But when the work is done, you simply close the compartments, and you have a dining table suitable for 6 people. How smart! The Tab is designed by design duo Razy2, comprised of architect Paulina […]
  • Hundreds Tens Units
    Hundreds Tens Units is formed by designers Matt Bassett, David Horan and Tom Nelson. This British threesome graduated from UK’s Coventry University last year. Their aim: to design and manufacture simple, beautiful and useful products utilising local resources and expertise. Their portfolio is eclectic and full of surprises. Yay!
  • Decarus
    These simple pieces of modern furniture produced by Austrian design group Decarus are more than just good design: they tell a story. While most designers paint their pieces to increase aesthetics, Decarus allows the wood to speak for itself resulting in a collection who’s features reflect the history of its 150 year old source wood. […]
  • Bluelounge
    Wow, these guys are unstoppable! Bluelounge constantly comes with new solutions for the horror that is cable clutter, and all designs look equally slick. Check out The Sanctuary, CableBox, and SpaceStation, just to name a few. And recently, Bluelounge introduced StudioDesk: a desk optimised for a clutter free working environment, while still connected to all […]