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German designer Felix Schwake of the Dortmund based furniture manufacturer Rechtech, has recently created this wonderfully elegant and minimalist lounge chair, ALPHA. The ALPHA chair consists of specially designed aluminium alloy, which makes for a very light, flexible and stable design – only 8mm thick. Charming design can certainly constitute simplicity and in this instance, ALPHA appears to be just one piece of aluminium elegantly folded like a ribbon. ALPHA is available in all RAL colours and measures.

When photographer Fien Muller and artist Hannes Van Severen combine forces to create, you know it’s going to be something to marvel. What they have created is this ridiculously elegant collection of chairs, creating the furniture out of sheer necessity and function. The artists explain their minimal designs: As to form or proportion we do not add anything; the rich marble or the vibrant colours of the synthetic material create a contrast with the tight form. The image of minimalism is worn out. This furniture battles with minimalism and uses it at the same time. Details have been left out, everything has been reduced to the most simple technological solution and still the result is very rich in ornamentation. I think the combination of the materials and minimal forms result in a collection of some of the most beautiful chairs I’ve seen to date.

Hong Kong born and Canada based designer Kitmen Keung has collaborated with Belgian furniture label Sixinch on their début project, Dual Cut – a modular furniture piece that employs the simplest production processes true to its materials with minimal wastage. The design features two ergonomically comfortable L-shaped foam blocks and a multi-formation ability to compose a one seater with a side table, a chaise lounge or a corner table. Dual Cut is available in Light Grey and Dark Grey and with a three-layer-system coating, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The designer explains: Dual Cut was designed with a dedication to Sixinch’s urethane cut technology, which is processed by data without the need of molding. It was an experiment to minimise the production process and material wastage, and more importantly to maximise its function values and flexibility in real life. Not only does this look good, but it’s an effective and practical way of occupying restricted spaces in the home.

Recently founded and family-run German furniture manufacturer, Loehr, have designed the DL 2 Euclides easy chair – a lounge chair with a suitable and attractive minimal form. The austere geometry of the frame made of 25mm tubular steel and the two-cushion removable upholstery, blend with simple elegance. With a seat height of 410mm and 800mm wide, the DL 2 chair offers a generous seating area, and is suitable for any lounging environment. The frame is available either in high gloss polished stainless steel or powder coated steel. As for the upholstery, high quality leather or selected fabrics are available. Not only do I feel this chair exudes a clean geometric simplicity, which very much appeals, but perhaps most importantly, it appears to be very comfortable. Photography by Stafan Höderath

The Simplissimo collection was created by French architect and designer Jean Nouvel for the furniture manufacturer Ligne Roset. The line consists of chaise lounge, banquette, fireside chair, footstool and bench. As the name suggests, the objects are deliciously minimal and understated. Viewed in profile, each Simplissimo piece looks as if it has been designed with two strokes of a pen. Here is how Nouvel explains his vision: I like simple objects, produced in a natural way, with a little wood, foam and plastic. This is a direct aesthetic, which goes straight to the point, inspired by ‘fitness’. This faux banality renders such objects moving. Different and similar, like the members of a family which will grow and take on colour over the generations. Comfort of the seating comes from a Polyurethane foam applied over a sheet of grooved polypropylene. The upholstery hugs the curves of the metal structure and deliberately allows gathers in the corners, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the pieces.

With spring on its way here in Amsterdam, we open the doors to our gardens again, eager to sit outside in the sun. What better way to do just that than in a chaise longue? This lounge bed, Marilyn, was designed by Spanish architect Borja Abellán and designer Nacho Soler for a furniture contest. Abellán, who’ll soon be graduating from the University of Alicante, says that the central design concept came from Marilyn Monroe’s famous pleated skirt. When the chair is closed it is completely flat with straight lines, but when the back comes up, it has a gentle curve. All in all the result has a beautiful sculptural quality.

When you can draw the design of an object with one single line, and do that even after you only saw it briefly more than a week ago, then you know you’ve encountered something special. Lounge chair Onda by Spanish designer Diego Granese consists of a single piece of stainless steel, covered with leather. It saw the light in 2003 and is produced by the Spanish furniture manufacturer Frajumar. I haven’t been able to try it for myself, but it looks like quite the balancing act. Either way, a great conversation piece.