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Naoto Fukasawa has recently completed this inspiring design for the Spanish furniture brand Viccarbe. A modular seating system, called Common, is comprised of eight cushioned forms, varying in size and height. Each piece is supported by the natural oak hardwood feet. The collection is accompanied by two auxiliary tables, also made of solid oak. I love how the pieces correspond to each other, creating harmonious seating landscapes. The manufacturer claims that high-density foam, used in creating these pieces, retains purity of the lines, even after intense wear.

Polish product designer Jan Kochański, based in Warsaw, has created this beautiful, minimalist and chic collection of outdoor rocking benches called Swing, each piece comprising bent steel and metal sheets. Designed for the Polish furniture brand, Delivié, the Swing collection’s inspiration derives from childhood activities. There is something special in rocking and swinging that gives us the feeling of calmness and joy. A rocking bench allows you to recall that feeling and simply enjoy the time, whether that be alone or as a couple. Aside from this, these benches are incredibly attractive. The slim curved frames and smooth glossy seats are likely to provide an elegance to your outdoor space. And as far as a benches go, they appear quite comfortable too.

The floating geometric frames of Les Ailes Noires by Tongtong are an exquisite play on form, shadow and line. The lines that compose these frames are based on a concept of fluid dynamism, whereby the expected form of framework is being challenged. Each piece is designed to be installed void of any need for screws or hardware, allowing for re-integration and re-use in each installation scenario. The series of industrial objects have been designed specifically for commercial retail, residential and special event environments. Manufactured in steel, these frames are available in a variety of finishes (flat black, white powder coating or polished chrome). These objects are part of a series of eleven pieces, including a full-length mirror, a wall-mounted sideboard with glass shelf, a ceiling-hung rack and eight freestanding racks. Canadian firm Tongtong say their work is inspired by movement and driven by diversity. This philosophy is clearly evident in Les Ailes Noires, where the lines cast shadows through the moving affects of the sun, clothing and artificial light. The firm’s philosophy of engaging in work that brings a richness of thought, vision and humanity, is clearly embodied in these pieces. I find the framework, the interaction of the lines...

Low Table is a series of solid wood low tables, created by the Belgian designer Marina Bautier for her own furniture and products brand, MA. After ten years of working in the furniture industry, it felt like the right time for the launch of my own label along with its own retail space. MA is short for ‘Marina’, it coincidentally means ‘the space in between’ in Japanese, a translation fitting well with the brand’s ethos. MA was launched recently, with all product manufacturing taking place in Belgium. What is clear to me from these table designs is the incredible quality and care taken, producing a quite beautiful finish to each piece. I am certainly excited to see how this brand develops.

The Revolt chair, originally designed in 1953 by the Dutch industrial designer Friso Kramer, is a true design classic. The chair, made of moulded plywood and powder-coated steel, was very innovative in those days. It caused a sensation when it was introduced and won a permanent place for itself both in the business world and in Dutch living rooms. After the Revolt chair had been out of stock for several years, Ahrend reintroduced it in 2004. Once again it has proven that a product that still has something to offer just gets better as the years go by. An ergonomic, flexible chair that gives you active support while working or having dinner. Revolt now comes with a polypropylene seat and back in black, white or dustgrey.

Inspired by the shifting tectonic plates of the Bay Area, San Francisco-based, design studio Box Clever created Segment. The table’s top is made from custom 1/2″ thick concrete sections that form the structure. Between each section there is a narrow opening that continues down through the legs. The satin grey-blue colored steel frame emphasizes the lines of the channel cutting across the surface. These openings create a functional channel for a unique system of accessories and cord management. The set consists of a polished aluminum tray, a low copper dish and a brass bowl. Each object can be locked into the channel and gives the impression of floating above the table’s fractured surface. Segment meets the needs of modern lifestyle with a adaptable and versatile system of accessories and configurations that easily shift from work to leisure. Segment looks at how beauty and function can coexist and evolve from one scene to the next.

Hold On is a modular desk and shelving system developed by the great Belgian designer Xavier Lust for the Dutch furniture company Gispen. Its elements are fixed on the wall with vertical supports that rest on the ground, producing a fantastic feeling of simplicity and lightness because of the reduction of the structure to the essential elements. Hold On is made in lacquered steel modules that create working surfaces, console tables or shelves, according to their dimensions, allowing multiple combinations and configurations to be use in private, professional or commercial spaces.

To mark its 75th anniversary Knoll joined forces with OMA, co-founded by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. At Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan earlier this month they launched a new collection of kinetic furniture called Tools for Life. The collection features adjustable tables, swivel chairs, a stool, an executive desk, and other items. The minimalist material palette makes the furniture compatible with a range of residential and workplace interiors. I would like to highlight one of the collection pieces named 04 Counter. A horizontal stack of 3 timber blocks that can be transformed from a wall-like unit to cantilevered benches that swing around a central axis. A metamorphosis from a spatial partition to a communal gathering place. We wanted to create a range of furniture that performs in very precise but also in completely unpredictable ways, furniture that not only contributes to the interior but also to the animation – Rem Koolhaas

The internationally recognised Dutch furniture brand, Pastoe, is a brand that stands for simplicity, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship. This year, Pastoe are celebrating 100 years of design innovation and are currently exhibiting their many designs at Kunsthal Rotterdam, including furniture, drawings, publications, photographs, posters and advertisements. Curated by Anne van der Zwaag and a host of notable designers, artists and architects, the exhibition includes design pieces from different periods of Pastoe’s illustrious history, all presented together. We have touched on a couple of Pastoe designs on Minimalissimo over the years, but I would really like to take this opportunity to share with you some of our favourite furniture collections. These include the calm, understated beauty of Vision and Vision Elements, the clean lines and elegance of Pure, and the bold colours of Shift. In addition to the exhibition, a book titled, Pastoe: 100 years of design innovation has been written by author and design critic Gert Staal and curator Anne van der Zwaag, published especially for the anniversary. This looks back on the past century, but also looks forward with a modern vision on living, interior and design. Furthermore, on 27 May, an auction of old Pastoe furniture will take...

You know the situation that your desk is covered with piles of documents? For some piles can be an effective work method to keep track of their projects. But as piles grow deeper and taller they stop being useful. Industrial designer Leon Ransmeier created a minimalist desk of lacquered aluminum and steel that gives shape and structure to the habit of stacking. The Folia desk has storage surfaces that slide out like drawers but have open sides like shelves. These stacking trays are attached to runners along just one edge, providing more visibility and easier access than a full-fledged drawer. The contents of the desk remain in sight to a certain extent and so are never really ‘gone.’ The horizontal format is retained, preserving any inherent chronology, but the piles are suspended below the work surface, freeing up desk space - Ransmeier explains.

The Tom Kundig Collection, launched in 2012 by Olsen Kundig Architects is a celebration of the moments when people become kinetically involved with the buildings and spaces they inhabit. The series features a variety of differing interaction scenarios, suitably named peek, no peek, droop, pull and earless. The collection is one of stylised conscious consideration of experience. With each piece, the user is challenged to change their interaction with the hardware, as a response to the evolution of the aesthetic that is presented. I like and appreciate this immensely. Here, design is challenging behaviour, heightening experience and giving a nod to the appreciative eye of the user. The use of steel, the consideration of the line work and seamless nature of the execution are beautiful. Seattle-based Olsen Kundig Architects were also recognised in 2012 from Interior Design magazine with a Best of the Year Award. Envisioned as the first of several product lines by the firm, the focus of the collection stems from Kundig’s well-known interest in the ways people interact with their environment. The resulting collection is one that celebrates the movement of people through architecture, and the interface of that interaction is celebrated. I look forward to the...

Dutch architects Fraaiheid have created a series of tables which are assembled solely on their cross shaped joints. Available in multiple sizes, they are easy and quick to put together and the designers have made a selection of sizes and finishes available as well. Besides its clean, minimal and contemporary appearance, I very much value the fact that the design of the + Tables considered minimal waste and maximum efficiency in its production. The parts of the table are precisely cut with a CNC milling machine utilizing one sheet of laminated plywood which has been sustainably produced. Imagery and details via Fraaiheid.