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Naoto Fukasawa has recently completed this inspiring design for the Spanish furniture brand Viccarbe. A modular seating system, called Common, is comprised of eight cushioned forms, varying in size and height. Each piece is supported by the natural oak hardwood feet. The collection is accompanied by two auxiliary tables, also made of solid oak. I love how the pieces correspond to each other, creating harmonious seating landscapes. The manufacturer claims that high-density foam, used in creating these pieces, retains purity of the lines, even after intense wear.

Milan based Italian designer Henry Timi has built some incredible minimalist furniture over recent years, designing simple and pure shapes, refusing excess and the unnecessary. I would like to share with you today a small selection of seating furniture that reflects these qualities, but many more can be found on the Henry Timi website. Timi explains his design philosophy: I summarise and I develop objects with a minimalist vision. I just think of pure products – purity as the beauty. I promote the simplicity as the depth and the refinement to give value to objects and persons. I make things simpler in order to be better. These pieces may not exude comfort exactly, but what I do appreciate is their quiet elegance, clean lines and detail.

The great and ever inspirational creative director Fabien Baron, under his full spectrum design agency Baron & Baron, has created a quite incredible range of minimalist furnishings for the Milan based design firm, Cappellini. The range of designs include a variety of sofas and chairs, one of which is a slender lounge chair, as well as storage units and tables. All of which result in an elegant combination of materials and exceptional sculptural quality. Such beautiful proportions.

This elegant streamlined sofa, called Mono, has been created by Norwegian studio Anderssen & Voll for the furniture brand LK Hjelle. The idea was to produce a piece so thin and compact that it would fit in any space. Instead of going overboard with padding, designers gave the sofa a flexible back that provides a surprising level of comfort. The result – an ascetic shape and a feel of a proper sofa in one beautiful item. I love the geometry of this piece. Looking almost like a padded bench, it is possibly the slimmest sofa I have seen to date. The line includes a 2-seater and a 3-seater and comes in a variety of colors.

Brad Ascalon has designed Pillar for Bernhardt Design, with an inverted pyramidal form as a starting point. The armchair is built up of trapezoids only and the armrests are perfectly integrated into the design. I think these characteristics make the design looks hard, sturdy and stable. Brad Ascalon is from Philadelphia. In 2006 he founded Brand Ascalon Studio NYN.

Meet Bucefalo, a dauntingly dark sofa by Italian designer Emanuele Canova. Inspiration came from the figure of Bucefalo, a legendary black horse which only Alexander The Great succeeded to tame. The sofa has multiple functions: it allows you to sit, to lounge, and to store your books or design objects (thx, Lorenzo).