• Love Aesthetics Notebook
    Love Aesthetics is a blog founded in 2008 by Ivania Carpio to create a digital space for her vision of thoughts translated both visually and textually. Her love for aesthetics has transcended clothing and takes form in product design as well. As part of the new Love Aesthetics Atelier, this beautifully minimal and entirely white uncovered […]
  • MIN: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design
    Simplicity in design is fairly divisive, often challenged because of how seemingly “easy” it is. Something I quite strongly, disagree with. I was recently introduced to an impeccably curated and insightful book that quashes the minimalism myth. When at its most accomplished, simplified graphic design is so well considered and so well balanced, that it […]
  • Less and More
    Epitomising minimalism in all its everything, Dieter Rams and his work is a point of reference for many a designer. Less and More is an expertly curated lens on said work. His envious body of work stretches his curious beginnings in craftsmanship, through his studies of architecture and later, to his fascination with industrial design. […]
  • Trinität Special Edition
    Japanese designer and art director Yuta Takahashi designed this special edition of the book Trinität by German theologian Michael Debus. This book is based on ‘Trinity’ which he told when he visited Japan in 2013 and 2014 in an attempt to explain his theory to the Country. The resulting two volumes were created to narrate […]
  • Forms of Formalism
    The resurgence of print as an ideal platform to showcase content is fascinating, especially when you consider that it never went away completely; but simply battled for the public’s attention against electronic publishing and websites. Around the world it is evident there is a continuous process of customized, one of a kind design, designed for […]
    2015.01.25Mateus Andrade
  • N
    French born designer and illustrator Thomas Danthony who is currently based in London, has designed N — a 42 page black & white book featuring a collection of graphite and ink drawings. Self-published, N is available in two versions, one of which is a luxury book with a hand made cover. The project was an […]
  • 0/1
    Munich based multi-disciplinary designer Aurelian Hallhuber, has recently completed the design of 0/1 – a strikingly minimal book and thesis project providing an overview of the different modes of representation and ways of which binary codes can be used in the field of visual communication. Hallhuber writes: Whether it be filled content, as a design […]
  • Absent Nature Catalogue
    Today I wanted to introduce you to the gorgeous cloth-bound hardback catalogue for fine artist Arik Levy‘s Absent Nature collection. Beautifully and meticulously designed by Chicago based Bud Rodecker, this 128-page catalogue illustrates, in minimalist fashion, Arik’s simplistic sculptures of broken organic forms, which are supported by a well considered use and style of typography […]
  • A Lesson With AG Fronzoni
    The Italian minimalist designer, architect and teacher Angiolo Giuseppe Fronzoni needs little introduction. Not least because we recently featured his wonderful Quadra Lamp design. Today however, I am introducing you to a book by Ester Manitto on the teachings of Fronzoni. The book, titled A Lesson With AG Fronzoni – From teaching design to designing […]
  • Nocturnes by AM projects
    Nocturnes is a unique box set of six books with silkscreened covers in a slipcase by the new photography group AM projects and published by dienacht Publishing. It is the first AM project and explores six different photographic journeys into the night. This idiomatic object is published with varying papers – depending on the artist […]
  • dOCUMENTA (13) notebooks
    dOCUMENTA (13) — 100-notes-100-thoughts are a series of 100 notebooks designed by Italian design company Leftloft and published by German art house Hatje Cantz, in order to mark the occasion of this year’s edition of the 100-day arts festival that takes place in Germany once every five years and will be running in Kassel from June 9 […]
  • My Book
    Milan based Italian designer and architect Denis Guidone, a Minimalissimo favourite for his minimalist watches, has recently created My Book for Nava Design. Guidone has taken a minimal, yet unusual approach to the concept of this book. He explains: It is a blank book with a pretext to imagine a story, a book that you […]
  • Less is More: Minimalism in Fashion
    Published in 2011, this book by journalist Harriet Walker surveys one of the most wide-reaching movements in fashion, taking the reader through the transformations of minimalist along the decades, ever since Paul Poiret and Coco Chanel in the early 20th century, when women’s clothes became pared down and practical after centuries of complex construction. Walker […]
  • X / I / I
    German creative studio Deutsche & Japaner, based in Mannheim, specialise in a variety of disciplines, such as graphic design, product design, interior design, illustration and scenography as well as conceptual creation and strategic brand escort. Earlier this year, the studio designed a limited edition book titled X / I / I. The beautifully minimal designed […]
  • Plain Space Monograph
    Phaidon Press published a beautiful monograph written by Alison Morris late last year called John Pawson: Plain Space. The book was intended to accompany a comprehensive exhibition of work by architect John Pawson that ran at the Design Museum in London from September 2010 through to January, 2011. We spoke about the exhibition on Minimalissimo last October. […]
    2011.03.08Adrian Clement
  • Space For Imagination
    Pastoe, the Dutch furniture manufacturer, recently published the book “Vision – Space for Imagination” to mark the 25th anniversary of the Vision range of cabinets. Vision, created by Pierre Mazairac and Karel Boonzaaijer, is a cabinet composed of any number of boxes in various sizes. The cabinet is simple, without handles or grips, but contains […]
  • Virginia Woolf book covers
    Perhaps not the most minimalist book covers we’ve ever seen, but beautifully elegant nevertheless: this series of Virginia Woolf book covers by McKenna Kemp. The covers, a personal project of Kemp, are a simplification of the original handpainted Vanessa Bell covers. Oh, and the books are pretty good, too… ;-)
  • Why?
    Why? is a book series edited by Simon Van Booy. He shares insights of Shakespeare, Blake, Sartre, and other luminaries on three perennial questions: Why We Need Love, Why Our Decisions Don’t Matter and Why We Fight. Each book has a cover design created around a question mark, symbolic for philosophy, combined with a visualisation of the […]
  • The Infamous Press book cover concepts
    I recently found this nice and varied set of book cover concepts. The covers were designed by Norwegian based designer Morten Iveland as The Infamous Press, in the style of the late sixties to the early eighties. The balance between typography, illustration and composition is just amazing, don’t you agree?
  • The Geometry of Pasta
    I love pasta meals and, as being a visual designer, icon like illustrations and infographics. I fell in love with the The Geometry of Pasta book. The Geometry of Pasta, with recipes of Top Michelin starred chef Jacob Kennedy, shows you how to develop an instinct for matching pasta and sauce. We explain how to team up […]
  • Identity Art & Architecture St Luc Institutes Brussels
    Clean, simple and elegant were the first words which came to mind when I saw the identity for the Art & Architecture of the Saint-Luc Institutes in Brussels. The consistent use of typography, the amount of white space and the small details are a big inspiration for all minimalist minded people. You can download a […]
    2010.03.14Stan Grootes
  • Konst & Teknik
    Swedish graphic design company Konst & Teknik can count work for Mono Kultur magazine in its impressive portfolio. Particularly mentionable here are the book covers for Deleuze och mångfaldens veck and The Rest is Silence, and the extremely useful CopyPasteCharacter—an online tool giving easy access to typographic characters—that negates the need to learn alt codes […]
  • Katja Gretzinger
    Katja Gretzinger is a graphic designer living and working in Berlin, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland. She runs a small graphic design studio, aptly named the Katja Gretzinger Graphic Design Studio. Her work shows a great eye for typography, composition and the power of colour.