• This is Iceland
    Born from a fascination of the Land of Fire and Ice, quite literally in most parts, a passionate visual enthusiast saw this project come to life. This is Iceland is a site conceived by Matteo Ermeti, coded by Manuel Moreale, with branding and web design by Alessandro Scarpellini. This project is undeniably a lovechild of […]
  • Tribute to Adrian Frutiger
    On 10 September 2015, Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger sadly passed away. Creator of some of the most used typefaces ever, such as Univers, Frutiger and Avenir, he influenced the direction of digital typography in the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. Design studio Heury & Heury have made a wonderful Tribute to Adrian […]
    2015.10.09Jorge San Luis
  • Five
    Five is a stunningly beautiful, classically simple and tactile print by Barcelona-based studio Hey. Created as a New Year celebratory print for 2015, it comes in a range of different Pantone colours and pearlescent, coloured foil and is available in their online shop. Hey always search for the essence in their concepts and to make work that is […]
  • World Cup Posters
    With the ever captivating World Cup in its final week, the Manchester based freelance designer Rick Hincks has developed this minimalist series of World Cup Posters, trying to collect great moments of the competition’s history. The work was based on these three simple rules: it must be a significant moment that happened during the run […]
    2014.07.08Jorge San Luis
  • Hey Studio
    Hey is a design studio working mostly in brand identity, illustration and editorial design. Small in size but very big in outreach, the Barcelona-based studio is much beloved internationally, with a marked a style based on simplicity and synthetis and a lovely use of color and geometry. Verónica, Ricardo and Mikel kindly received me for a brief chat about the process behind […]
  • Systems – Poster Series
    Systems is an exhibition of commissioned poster designs and ‘60s Braun products, presented in a single grid at the Walter Knoll London showroom from 25 Nov – 31 Dec 2013. The exhibition is curated by das programm and produced in association with Braun. An international group of graphic designers respond to the systematicity of Braun Design, each one of them notably minimalist, […]
  • Edition One
    Edition One is a series of minimalist pastel toned linework on rich metallic paper. The pastel colors, printed with matte ink, give a nice contrast with the background and throughout the day the appearance will change by the light. Like the name says Edition One is the first edition of metallic prints by Yield. The series is […]
  • WWF Posters
    This creative public service campaign was designed by Caroline Brickell of Ogilvy & Mather Gurgaon ad agency for WWF India. The series, titled Animal Trees, consists of three works featuring rounded silhouettes of threes placed to form a panda, bear, and hippo. By making trees look like endangered animals, the advertising makes the point that wildlife and the environment are interconnected. […]
  • CycleLove
    The contemporary cycling culture is really easy to embrace these days with beautiful graphic and packaging designs like James Greig, who is behind the clean and elegant brand and site, CycleLove. It is a refreshing site that is actually less about bicycles and more about people and their bicycle lifestyles. And after I have spent too […]
    2012.12.10Adele Lim
  • Airport Runway Screen Prints
    Chicago based architect and designer Jermome Daksiewicz of Nomo is the mind behind this unusual series of screen prints of airport runways. One for the airport enthusiast perhaps, but these precise screen prints present interesting industrial patterns with an attractive simplicity to them. The continually growing series in which new suggestions can be made, include […]
  • Minimalist History
    This collection of pictogram history posters was designed by H-57 creative agency as a part of their collaborative project with the website First Floor Under. The posters are designers’ take on famous biographies, real and fictional, expressed in not more than three or four steps. Thus, the lives of Michael Jackson, Hitler, Darth Vader, Jesus, […]
  • Graphic Philosophy
    London based graphic designer Genis Carreras (or ‘gex’ as he likes to call himself) has created a series of minimalist and witty Philosophy Posters. The project is an attempt to explain complex philosophical theories through basic shapes. Carreras offers his take on such ideas as solipsism, humanism, determinism, absolutism, relativism, nihilism and many others. These […]
  • Typography Movie Posters
    Swedish illustrator and graphics designer Patrik Svensson has created a fantastically minimalist series of typography posters. The project is a visualisation of various movies by using only letters from title or other typography characters. Svensson explains what he wanted to achieve from the series: I have always been a fan of designers that integrate with […]
  • Posters by modernist architects
    Six Architects is a series of minimalist posters showing the major architects and main principles of modern architecture. Conceived and created by artist Andrea Gallo. Check the posters of Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, Alvar Aalto and Walter Gropius. Which one do you prefer?
  • Mental Disorder posters
    One of our readers just sent this in: British designer Patrick Smith (a.k.a. Graphic Patrick) made some pretty nice minimalist posters about mental disorders. Apparently, Smith was doing some research about mental health when he came across a list of mental disorders and got inspired. My personal pref goes out to Agoraphobia. Yours? (Thx, Stefano!)
  • Minimalist Oscar Posters
    Inspired by the 83rd edition of the Academy Awards airing today, here is a series of minimalist posters created by graphic designer David Lopez, one for each Best Picture Oscar nominee. David tried to find and use a key element from each movie to represent the film as a whole. Despite my personal wishes for […]
  • Quadra Gallery Posters
    Donna Wearmouth, a graphic designer and gruaduate from Northumbria University, designed these monochrome posters as part of her degree. For a fictional architect’s gallery, which she dubbed the Quadra Gallery, Wearmouth created the identity, stationary, exhibition guides, and these posters. I could really see this work, couldn’t you?
  • Paris Versus New York
    Though not the most minimalist posters out there, the reduction of the two cities into one poster series, Paris versus New York, by Vahram Muratyan, cofounder of ViiiZ, really hits the spot. Muratyan puts it most elegantly: A visual but friendly match between those two cities seen by a lover of Paris wandering through New […]
    2010.12.18Paul PJ Cheng
  • New Math
    So Mathematics is minimalist—a method to reduce the complexity of terms. When it comes to process, Engineering has the cool factor; it starts with the acronym KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Craig Damrauer is on a mission to combine art, science and math with unambiguous formulas. New Math posters by artist and writer, Craig Damrauer, feature […]
    2010.12.03Vicky Kaiser
  • Edits by Edit
    It has taken him a year of his life, but his Edits by Edit project is finally complete. NYC-based creative technologist, designer and art director Nitzan asked 12 designers from around the world to represent a musical genre using just one shape and one type. This resulted in an eclectic A1 poster series full of […]
  • Posters by Emil Ruder
    Recently I found this great set of minimalist posters by Emil Ruder, Swiss typographer and graphic designer. Ruder (1914-1970) played an important role in the development and dissemination of the Swiss Style. “Typography has one plain duty before 
it and that is to convey information 
in writing.” – Emil Ruder He has helped, together with […]
  • WE Collective opening posters
    Israelian friends Luka Or (multi disciplinary designer), Orian Canetti (interior designer) and Elad Ziv (developer) joined forces to form WE Collective, a new design studio. To celebrate the start of this new venture, Luka Or designed these colourful minimalist posters. I love how they do away with the popular notion that minimalism has something to […]
  • Homework
    Since 2003, Polish design studio Homework, a duo comprised of Joanna Górska and Jerzy Skakun, have created posters for a range of cultural events. Regardless of whether you can read Polish or not, the designers’ portrayal of the events in question, particularly the Hollywood movie references, gives you good idea about what is being advertised […]
  • Movie posters by Eduardo Prox
    Wow, it’s raining minimalist movie posters! We’re really not going to post them all, some are better than others, but these are great. Inspired by Albert Exergian’s set, Brazilian graphic designer Eduardo Prox made his own alternatives. One shape, two colours – that’s all, folks. So far, he’s only made three, but maybe we can […]