• Oak + Fort Home
    Oak + Fort, a minimal clothing store based in Canada, is adding a new line of home goods to their repertoire. The new collection draws inspiration from Oak + Fort’s driving fashion motto: that fashion should be uncomplicated and thoughtfully designed.  Oak + Fort Home is an elegant grouping of tabletop decor, dining ware, and office accessory products. […]
    2016.11.10Jillian Japka
  • Lava Trays
    The Citizenry‘s Lava Trays combine the natural and the imposed to create something truly naturally striking. The fusing of volcanic rock, an unexpectedly beautiful material, with the honed craftsmanship of Guadalajara-based design techniques, sees this vision come to life. Hand-carved by a group of five artisans from Tonala, Mexico, these trays are available in two […]
  • Dinnerware Collection
    Finell’s latest Dinnerware Collection is a beautiful fusion of organic lines and a soft ethereal quality. Known for their lifestyle products and strong brand of uniquely modern, covetable goods, this collection sees a return to basic principles, with a clearly innovative approach to precision and intentional formality. Each piece is part of a larger collection […]
  • Kümülatif Homeware Collection
    Kümülatif, a Turkish word for cumulative, is an Istanbul-based collective that aims to achieve wholesome designs from different expertise in many fields, including social science and manufacturing. With a focus to deliver products with social equality, the collective will have themed workshops every six months around Turkey, where the profits are distributed equally. Their first workshop […]
    2015.08.22Nhat Vo
  • Dish 60
    Dish 60 by Minimalux is a seductive and sophisticated gesture to the professional desktop. Amid the gadgets of interconnectedness, this piece sits as a sculptural nuance. Made with a stainless steel base and from solid brass, mirror polished by hand and electroplated in black nickel, this bowl is beautifully crafted. Also available in a plain, […]
  • From the Archetype
    South Korean artist Yoon Sol has produced a wonderful ceramic series titled From the Archetype, which involves layering porcelain in thin sheets to create different shapes. He writes: I work from a sphere to produce thin layers of bowl shaped elements with different diameters and heights. If these layers are placed one by one, small […]
  • Nathalie Dérouet Ceramics
    French artist Nathalie Dérouet lives and works in Douarnenez, north-western France. From her ceramics workshop, she creates a range of exceptional porcelain pieces, including unique bowls, vases, pots and various containers, all of which embrace open space. Highlighting a few favourites from Dérouet’s many ceramic creations, it’s clear the inspiration behind these pieces are taken […]
  • Ceramics
    Taizo Kuroda’s pure white Ceramics collection is an inspired by-product of his close relationship with fellow Japanese artisans; architect Tadao Ando, designer Issay Miyake and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto. They share the same sure discipline and taste in editing out all that is unnecessary. I am in awe, and filled with jealousy, of this association with […]
  • Wasara
    Designed in Japan in 2008 by Shinichiro Ogata of SIMPLICITY. Wasara is made out of 100% tree-free renewable materials (sugar cane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp) and all Wasara products are biodegradable and compostable. The pieces are usable for both cold and hot food and are also oil and water resistant. They are extremely pleasant […]
    2012.11.14Anna Korkobcova
  • Thalie
    It was such a treat coming across industrial designer Julie Richoz’s project titled Thalie. The seductive forms, each composed of a frame made of spring steel, were cut to resemble a plate, a fruit bowl and a bread basket. Only a very fine piece of metal wire secures each piece together, the structure of the frame […]
    2012.10.15Adele Lim
  • Pigeon Toe Ceramics
    Today I would like to highlight the work of Pigeon Toe ceramics studio based in Industrial North Portland, Oregon. Founded four years ago by Lisa Jones, the studio has already gained a following of enthusiasts, who appreciate beauty of a craft and embrace not only the finished product but the story of a maker behind […]
    2012.08.08Anna Korkobcova
  • Silva/Bradshaw
    Without friends where would we be? My good friend Sonia of Area22 dropped us a line about Silva/Bradshaw, a small design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Apparently, they have something good to offer – and yes they do! Silva/Bradshaw, founded in 2010, is the combination of Sergio Silva and Matthew Bradshaw. Their portfolio spans furniture, […]
  • Hug
    Fruit bowl Hug must be one of the most minimalist concepts I have seen in a while. It has reduced the fruit bowl to its most basic fuction: holding the fruit in its place. The bottomless Hug was designed by Elizabeth Cordes when she worked as a product designer at DESU Design. Cordes left DESU a while back […]
    2010.07.28Jorge San Luis
  • Bone china bowls and tea lights
    As fine and smooth as egg shells, these bone china bowls and tea lights from British designer Caroline Swift are paper thin, beautifully translucent, yet incredibly strong. Each piece is unashamedly unique in shape and form, as they are all hand-crafted by Swift herself. All the items for sale reflect her philosophy of ‘slow design‘, […]
  • 5 Objects Bowl
    The archetype of a bowl: a half sphere. Problem with half spheres: they tip over. That’s why we usually add a rim to the bottom, of flatten the base. This bronze bowl by John Pawson, the famous minimalist architect, is that perfect hemisphere. No flatness on the base that disrupts the smooth curve of the […]
  • Hedy collection
    This beautiful bone china coffee cup was designed by Hannah Morrow, an English designer living in LA. The bone china is super thin – almost see-through. The cup is part of her Hedy collection, which consists of just three items: a coffee cup, a small vase, and a medium-sized bowl. Morrow herself calls the collection: […]
  • Work
    This ceramic serie of five ornaments is from Dick van Hoff which he has made is collaboration with Royal Tichelaar Makkum in the Netherlands. He decided to make some practical desk products instead of traditional living room or dinner table products. The outcome was the series Work: two table lamps, a clock, a vase and […]
    2009.07.08Stan Grootes