Ceiling lamp/Pendant

  • After 8 Pendant
    The After 8 Pendant by Molto Luce is a slight line of illumination. Literally. The pendant is just over 1200mm in length, 80mm in height and a mere 5mm wide. Its subtle and refined coming together of thin black metal casing and an even more compact light source, are what contributes to its simplicity. Suitable […]
  • Oh!led
    Oh!led is a contemporary, minimalist, pendant light designed by the Belgian Bart Lens, founder of Lens°Ass Architecten, for Eden Design. I love the clean appearance and well considered materials. Oh!led is a 5mm thick square panel of aluminium and glass that houses a Philips Brite Lumiblade; the world’s brightest organic light-emitting diode (OLED) available. The […]
  • Libra Lights
    WayPoint’s Libra Lights are a beautiful symphony of converging illuminated lines. Designed by Sara Ferarri Design, and based in Italy, these lights combine for a sculptural feature and seamless lighting element. Each piece is not constrained by another, and as such, there is a fragility to their configuration; a feeling of movement. Each piece, if […]
  • Mobile Chandelier 6
    Michael Anastassiades’ Mobile Chandelier 6 is a series of light-weight floating and balancing geometries. Each chandelier piece is comprised of black patinated brass, with mouth-blown opaline spheres for illumination and varying pendant rod lengths to order. The resulting forms are effortless and seem to engage in space with a unique lightness. Based in London, Anastassiades […]
  • Cone Lights
    I met Studio Vit for the first time two years ago at Fuorisalone in Milan. I was affected by their radical minimalistic design, even through their business card and website. The studio, founded in 2010 by Helena Jonasson and Veronica Dagnert in London, design and create well made products, lighting and furniture with great attention to […]
  • Bell Lamp
    Normann Copenhagen’s Bell Lamp is a luminous nod to industrial design. Available in four sizes and two color combinations, the lamp is both a sculpturally beautiful and functionally present piece. At the core of its design, is its simplicity. Made from aluminium and hanging from a 4m textile cord, the Bell Lamp is encompassing of […]
  • Compendium
    Norway based designer and artist, Daniel Rybakken, has an outstanding portfolio of work that spreads installation, lighting and illumination creations. His latest — Compendium — a lamp family designed for Italian lighting company, Luceplan. Rybakken asked the question: How would you best illuminate a room with only one light source? To begin with, you would […]
  • Wireflow
    Most minimalist lighting projects shun wires, treat them like an eyesore that should be hidden from view. Paris based designer Arik Levi embraced the enemy and made it a focal point of his pendant light collection Wireflow for the Spanish brand Vibia. These lights consist of thin extra long metal rods with the LED fixtures […]
  • Arkki
    Arkki lamp collection was designed by the Swedish product and interior designer Johan Kauppi, and was recently produced by BLOND Belysning. The name Arkki, Finnish for ark, derives from the fixtures ability to balance technique with soft shapes while somewhat resembling a craft or a capsule. The shapes are also an expression of a moderate […]
    2014.03.30Jorge San Luis
  • Halo
    Halo is a hanging lamp designed by the Spanish designer Martín Azúa for the also Spanish lighting manufacturer Vibia. There are two versions of the ceiling lamp available — with circular or straight pieces, that create a subtle and magical lighting effect, seemingly floating in the open space with its great formal lightness, due to the […]
    2014.02.16Jorge San Luis
  • Rudi
    Canadian designer, Lukas Peet brings us his effortlessly beautiful pendant lamp. Everyone, meet Rudi. The lamp fixture is a combination of brass tubing bent to an extruded-oblong shape, together with a moulded cathode lamp. The pendant is then suspended from its own cord, which is knotted around the brass, at its top pivot equilibrium point. […]
  • Ninebyfour
    Ninebyfour is a minimalist LED ceiling lamp by the Amsterdam based studio Waarmakers. The LED light tubes do not generate any heat during use, allowing the creators to use atypical materials for the fixture: wood and cork. Every year thousands of trees are felled in the Amsterdam area. Usually the city trees disappear from root […]
  • Washi Lamps
    These beautiful semi-wrinkle washi lamps have been designed by the famed Nendo for Taniguchi Aoya Washi, a traditional Japanese paper company. It is known for creating seamless washi paper, that looks and feels like plastic or glass. For this particular project, however, the technique has been modified in order to create a wrinkle effect. The designers […]
  • Huug
    Developed by LED Enterprise of Japan, Huug is a unique lighting fixture in the shape of an oval with LED illuminants which are only a few millimeters wide so they can be tucked away from the surface of the light, hidden from sight. Currently available in the Sky (ceiling recessed) and Air (ceiling suspended) models, […]
    2013.08.12Adele Lim
  • Shade
    Shade is a new lamp launched by Flos during this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. It is a design conceived by Paul Cocksedge Studio and produces a wonderful effect because Shade is just what its name indicates, a shade. It has no bulb, mechanisms or any attached light sourse, and it is suspended with […]
    2013.08.04Jorge San Luis
  • Parlour Lighting
    Donna Bates’ rural Irish background has highly influenced her first lighting collection, Parlour Lighting. The series was inspired by her early years growing up on a farmyard where the lighting vessels themselves echo glass vats found in a milking parlour. Launched at the Clerkenwell Design Week in May 2013 in London, the collection is a […]
  • String Lights
    The String Lights installation, created by London based designer Michael Anastassiades for Italian brand Flos, was presented during Euroluche 2013 in Milan. Thin electrical cords, arranged into laconic shapes, held pendants, fitted with LED light sources. Here is how the designer describes his inspiration: Every time I take the train, I sit by the window and […]
  • Globe Lights
    London based team Studio Vit most recently exhibited their collection Globe Lights at the Milan Furniture Fair 2013. It consists of matt ceramic sphere reflectors and small globe pendants that can serve independently or together to cast light. The designers note: The collection explores how geometric volumes relate to each other and the juxtaposition of […]
    2013.05.06Adele Lim
  • Segment Shade
    Segment Shade is a slip-cast ceramic pendant lampshade designed by Philip Cuttance, originally from New Zealand and now based in London. Each shade is cast from 11 individual wedge segments and each segment is cut at a unique angle. As the designer describes it: When reassembled each face now intersects at a different angle to […]
    2013.04.22Adele Lim
  • Can
    Can is an excellent lamp collection designed by the Stockholm based architecture and design studio, TAF, for the Swedish lighting company Zero. The lamp works as a can filled with light. By keeping the light inside the lampshade the border between light and darkness appears much clearer. Can is made of cast steel which is […]
    2013.04.14Jorge San Luis
  • Match
    Match is a new lighting collection developed by the Spanish designer Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal for the established company Vibia. This innovative product stands as a new lighting concept based on co-creation. Match allows you to create structures arranged chaotically, automatically planned on-line and adapted to fit into the room and the space available. The […]
    2013.03.31Jorge San Luis
  • Level
    Level is an elegant suspension lamp developed by the magnificent Valencia based design studio estudi{H}ac for the fellow Spanish manufacturer Celda. The objective was to translate the light to a floating horizontal plane, comprised of an elastic textile disc, which receives the light and transmits it to its surrounding space creating a combination of diffuse […]
    2013.02.03Jorge San Luis
  • Porcelain Lamp
    Dutch designers Studio WM have created a series of porcelain pendant lamps that operate on a pulley system inspired by shipyards in Rotterdam. Keeping the available colors solid and the design of whole system minimal and clearly functional, this series has been exhibited in one of many Lightness in Lines presentations by the studio, including the […]
    2012.12.31Adele Lim
  • Bulb Fiction
    Bulb Fiction is a simple pendant lamp, created by the renown Danish studio KiBiSi. Designers Lars Larsen, Bjarke Ingels and Jens Martin Skibsted draw their inspiration from the shape of a humble incandescent light bulb. By refining the familiar object and turning it into an exquisite minimalist fixture, they gave it a new life. Here is their description on […]