• #12 Clock
    Three degrees of transparency: black, white, and transparent. One simple and familiar telling: time. Say hello to the minimal #12 Clock by Simone Cappellanti. Based in Rome, Italy, Simone Cappellanti is a multidisciplinary designer that has a focus on interior spatial design and its components. His recent portfolio addition — #12 Clock — is a luxurious and […]
    2016.09.24Nhat Vo
  • KLIPP Clock
    Architecture, interior, objects: As soon as a designer — or in this case a trained architect — has found a style, an individual form of expression, working in the above categories mainly differs in terms of complexity, not so much in terms of accessibility. Furthermore, it is very easy to grasp why an architect might […]
    2016.08.15Jana Ahrens
  • Shadow Clock
    Poetic Lab’s Shadow Clock is an opposing composition of contractions. Subtle in size, when illuminated and in use, it transforms into a bold installation element. The Shadow Clock indicates the changing of time, through the use of light and reflection and refraction on the environmental issues to which it is installed; namely the wall. The […]
  • Tiuku Clock
    Ari Kanerva’s Tiuku Clock is a subtle and minimal take on the traditional grandfather style. His work is a dedication to minimalist details and to tirelessly researching functionality and ergonomics. His ethos is to make my design simple and functional, yet play with forms. There is a clear delineation from the formal and a strong […]
  • World Clock
    This small and minimalist timepiece by Korean studio Elevenplus encompasses 24 different timezones in its body. The trick is in the cylinder that allows you to view and switch between geographic locations in a single intuitive motion. Simply rotate the clock to put the desired timezone on top, and you will have the correct time. The designers explain: Let’s say someone living […]
  • Picto
    Picto wall clock is a minimalist timepiece created by Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen for Rosendahl. Inspired by the Picto watch, this piece features the same rotating dial principle as its predecessor. Hours are marked with a simple dot and minutes by a conventional moving hand. I love bold color combinations – light-grey and pink, dark-grey […]
  • Ipno
    Inspired by Greek mythology and the god of sleep Hypnos, Italian industrial designer Alessandro Zambelli has created this cute new table clock with an almost hypnotic feature: an internal pendulum that, functioning as a balance, sways the case in perpetual motion and transforms aptly-named Ipno into a ‘rocking’ clock. It is like a contemporary evolution of […]
  • Tempo
    Undoubtedly many of us have been keeping an eye on the time during our New Year celebrations, and so I thought it fitting (being the first post of 2013 here on Minimalissimo) to feature this beautiful impetus for reading the time. Designed by Minimalissimo-favorite Naoto Fukasawa for production by Magis in 2011, Tempo is a […]
    2013.01.01Adrian Clement
  • Stelton Time Clock
    The German designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub (Jehs + Laub) have created this new sculptural wall clock for Danish furniture company, Stelton. The clock’s minute arm is linked with and forms the clock face, casting an attractive shadow on the wall, reminiscent of that original timepiece, the sundial. Simplicity gives the clock a unique, […]
  • D/A Clock
    New York City based designer Alvin Aronson has created this beautiful and unique digital wall clock. Measuring (h)500 x (w)1000 x (d)100 mm, the D/A Clock is made from DuPont Corian and steel mechanics. Aronson explains: The mechanised segments of this digital clock slowly protrude from the surface to reveal the current time. When a […]
  • Period Clock
    Tamer Koseli is a Swiss multidisciplinary designer currently living in Istanbul. Koseli has recently created an unusual yet intuitive and minimal wall clock, named Period Clock. The clock is composed of just three moving circles that indicate the time in a new and intuitive way. The large and medium circles that make up the main […]
  • Desk Objects by Max Phillips
    These ambiguous desk objects by Max Phillips are truly a feat of minimalism. All three objects share the same form, which allows them to conceal their function until they are picked up. Phillips uses switchable smart glass, which turns from opaque to transparent with human touch, to achieve the unique property of these objects. One object is […]
    2012.08.02Jillian Japka
  • Time
    This clock rebels against the very thing clocks traditionally represent: time. Ironically, this clock is named Time, although more often than not the actual time is hidden from view. Studio Like This has designed this analog clock so that the hour can only be read when it is approached front-on. Through the use of modern […]
    2012.04.26Jillian Japka
  • Jean Clock
    Designed by Pierre Favresse, Jean is a small and minimal bubble of time, a dome of lightness struggling with weight, a 21st century digital tribute to the mechanical heaviness of Napoleonic clocks beneath bell jars. Edited by Super-ette, Jean is as precious as the symbolic values, which vary between contrasting functional and playful, light and […]
  • clOck
    clOck is a strikingly minimal project from UK based designer ShihWen Wang. The shape of this simple and rather unique timepiece has been stripped down to just a ring, making its visual impact on a wall, subtle and elegant. The look of the clock changes depending on a surface it put against, allowing the user to co-create […]
  • Eclipsion
    Cauca is a Korean design brand that collaborates with the most established and emerging designers to create inspiring decorative objects for the living environment. They teamed up with Jay Jiwoong Baek to produce the very minimalist Eclipse wall clock designed around the imagery of a solar eclipse. The hands are invisible and you can only […]
  • Oak
    This is Oak, the result of an extracurricular, collaborative student workshop at Lund University School of Industrial Design, Sweden. The goal: to explore archetypes and stereotypes in the world of furniture. The group developed a range of independent pieces, but which are actually impressively coherent. Of course it helps that they’re all made from the […]
  • Myk
    Created by Norwegian-based SHE Design Studio, the Myk Clock was recently exhibited during the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011. It features a taut fabric pulled over the face of the clock so that its hands bulge intriguingly through. Søfting and Tøftum, who founded SHE Design Studio say: We love to experiment with materials and see how […]
  • Obligatory Designer Clock
    India-born designer Saikat Biswas really flexed his design muscle to create the Obligatory Designer Clock. It doesn’t have any hour and minute hands; instead, the hour markings dynamically change to show the time. From 03:00 – 03:59, the 3rd marking slowly fills up by the minute. At 04:00, the 4th marking appears and fills up. […]
  • Front & Back
    Clocks are a popular object to minimise, but the Front & Back clock still caught my eye – it combines uses the needed AA batteries as clock hands. Of course, this is just a fun little thing, but it shows an important tactic in the minimising of objects: through the merge of multiple elements into […]
  • QlockTwo
    A great alternative to numerical clocks is this worded clock by Biegert & Funk. Called QlockTwo, this clock tells the time using words highlighted by LEDs. It is available in numerous colours and languages. I like how the smooth design and structured typographic grid compliment the illuminated words and make it stand out. You can […]
  • Target clock
    Clocks and watches are popular subjects for minimalist designers. This Target Clock is the attempt of British designer Simon Lumb. Rather than with the traditional hands, Lumb’s clock tells time through the edges of two coloured discs. To see it in action, check the video (and then come back and explain it to me ;-)
  • MILE’s LED clock
    This LED clock comes from MILE project, a Japanese designer threesome consisting of Bandai Matsuo, Kentaro Kai, and Kozo Shimoyama. Rather than steel or plastic hands, this clock has hands made of light – that’s as minimalist as it gets! Also check out this video.
  • Black & White clock
    Prague-based designer Vadim Kibardin was listed by Wallpaper magazine as one of 40 designers “who will change the world”. Of course that remains to be seen, but this concept for a digital clock is pretty sweet. The Black & White clock has only the necessary 4 seperate numbers, needed to tell the time. No case […]