Desk lamp

  • Satellite
    Satellite by Quentin de Coster for the Van Den Weghe ITEMS collection, is a handsome and very well considered, illuminated sculptural beauty. The lamp was designed and produced in 2016, as part of the Van Den Weghe’s collection, where architects and designers are called upon to engage in an array of collaborations with their celebrated […]
  • Flow Lamp
    Andreas Kowalewski’s Flow Lamp, manufactured by Normann Copenhagen, is a veritable nod to considered design. The original idea for the lamp arose out of a series of drawings, exploring the possibilities of a multi-directional table lamp that can be delivered flat-packed. The result is one of considered compartmentalisation and ease of design, to be easily […]
  • Nod Light
    Nod Light is the newest table lamp by German product designer Simon Frambach. The name is derived from Frambach’s clever decision of combining function and aesthetic into one minimal movement that makes the lamp lift its shade up and down, mimicking the act of nodding. The design is void of any functional accessories such as […]
    2016.04.23Nhat Vo
  • AILE Lamp
    Delicate and light, AILE is a desk lamp created by Ferréol Babin, a French independent designer based in Treviso, Italy. AILE is an impeccable prototype, made of aluminium, carbon fibre, paper and LEDs, and can be powered by both mains and USB plug. A flat LED source is hidden under the curved dome, made of paper, and […]
  • Jurassic Light 117
    Studio Dessuant Bone’s Jurassic Light 117 is the culmination of Another Country’s invitation to design a bespoke industrial design object as part of their 5-Year Anniversary Exhibition, The Dorset Series. Held during London Design Festival 2015, the intent was for the designed pieces to reflect homage to the Dorset region. The resulting minimalistic Jurassic Light 117 […]
  • Sherlock Lamp
    Outofstock’s Sherlock Lamp combines thin lines and innovation in illumination. The Sherlock Lamp takes its name from a nod to the nostalgia abounding the stories of the famous detective. The formal relationship between the lamp and that of a magnifying glass, are obvious, but also quite subtle. The thin rim of illumination used to provide […]
  • Cirkellamp
    The late Dutch industrial designer and sculptor, Aldo van den Nieuwelaar, characterised by geometric abstraction, a systematic approach and a minimal use of image resources — consistently represents simplicity and clarity of form in his work, reducing the design of all his products to their very essence. When I discovered the quite wonderful and minimalistic […]
  • Light
    This minimalist lamp is a recent creation of the Japanese studio YOY, who’s work we previously featured. The piece, laconically titled Light, is a modern take on an old concept. It breathes new life into a familiar lampshade idea. Thanks to the cleverly shaped LED fixture, the lamp produces a lampshade-like projection on the wall. […]
  • 123 Lamp
    Federico Floriani’s 123 Lamp is a kit of minimalist parts. The sinuous composition of these elements is just the gravy. Italian industrial and graphic designer Floriani has conceived this source of illumination through a want of pushing structure abstraction to explore new aesthetics and leave behind the classic bulb. The result sees a solid oak […]
  • Stroke
    Meet Stroke, an LED desk lamp that seamlessly blends into your workspace with its smooth body. Stroke is manufactured by Bsize in Japan. Best light, minimal structure. Stroke is made of a single, thin, matte white sprayed, curved metal pipe. The integrated LED gently diffuses the light so that the surrounding is illuminated evenly. A […]
  • Switch Lamp
    New York based industrial designer and artist William Lee recently presented his latest offering at NY Design Week. This is Switch, a limited edition, minimalist lamp that engages interaction through its own function. The desk/bedside lamp draws inspiration from two places; a typical on/off switch on the wall, coupled with Lee’s interest for art direction, […]
  • Fluida Lamp
    The delicate and versatile Fluida desk lamp has been created by Marco De Santi and Alessandro Paoletti of Studio Natural for Italian brand Martinelli Luce. The piece, as the name suggests, can be fluidly adjusted to changing lighting needs and uses of the desk A thin flexible strip, fitted with LEDs, is attached to two metal bases. […]
  • M Lamp
    Northern Irish industrial designer, David Irwin, operates specifically within the spectrum of contemporary furniture, product and lighting design, and it’s his lighting design that I’m introducing today. More specifically, the M Lamp – a simplistic and wireless task lamp. Inspired by the archetypal miner’s lamps of 19th century, Irwin set out to create a contemporary […]
  • Timp Lamp
    Timp is a desk lamp by German-based industrial designer Lutz Pankow for Pliet. It is designed with extreme efficiency by using only 21W, is dimmable and creates a crisp, clean light that illuminates without any reflection. Being produced in 3 types of solid wood, it can be adjusted to secure to any table thickness between 10-60mm […]
    2012.08.27Adele Lim
  • Desk Objects by Max Phillips
    These ambiguous desk objects by Max Phillips are truly a feat of minimalism. All three objects share the same form, which allows them to conceal their function until they are picked up. Phillips uses switchable smart glass, which turns from opaque to transparent with human touch, to achieve the unique property of these objects. One object is […]
    2012.08.02Jillian Japka
  • Mountain Lamp
    Paris based designer Leonard Kadid, who’s work has previously been featured on Minimalissimo with his Bookmark lamp, has also recently designed this minimal and delicate looking Mountain lamp. This refined lamp with sharp lines is made of 0.7mm steel pieces, and is of course shaped like a mountain as its name suggests. It is illuminated […]
  • BE Light
    BE Light is an LED desk lamp for reading, designed by QisDesign, who have perfectly described the concept to us: With its clever hinge design, it can be fully extended to a height of 33.4 cm, and an angle of up to 135 degrees. It also provides adequate task lighting with white LED. When not […]
    2012.01.04Jorge San Luis
  • Contour
    This simple and clean-lined lamp concept has been conceived by Chicago based designer Jacob Nitz. The Contour desk lamp is comprised of a single tubular metal structure, bent into an ergonomic shape. Here is how designer describes his idea: As though it were a contour line tracing into space, it was created by a single steel […]
  • Bookmark Lamp
    The Bookmark lamp, created by Paris based designer Léonard Kadid, is actually only half a lamp, because it uses your book as a base. This refined piece is made of ultra thin plywood and fitted with a simple LED stripe. The details are seamlessly merged together, creating one fluid shape. The lamp is light, flexible […]
  • OTIS desk lamp
    Seattle based Urbancase was founded on the philosophy of designing object that contribute to a simple lifestyle focusing on basic aesthetics and functionality. Driven by this philosophy they created the OTIS desk lamp. OTIS is designed with the idea of reducing the number of moving parts while maintaining fully adjustable functionality. The powder coated steel […]
  • Loop
    Finnish designer and co-founder of Aimo Design, Timo Niskanen has created the beautifully minimal Loop table lamp. The efficient loop shaped LED lamp is designed to stand the test of time by remaining classic and stately in its form. This lamp strongly reflects his philosophy on design: We are surrounded with complicated and unnecessary things. […]
  • White collection
    Ville Kokkonen designed for Artek the WHITE collection of four bright-light fitting, recently launched at the Milan International Furniture Fair and Lighting Exhibition 2011. WHITE is an outcome of Artek Studio’s in-depth research on the use of light fittings in domestic, office and public spaces. In common light fittings, with their design and colour, are […]
  • RIMA
    With RIMA, by Germany based industrial designer Matthias Pinkert, one can now easily define the position and range of his desk illumination. By sliding any of the rings, placed around the central tube, in horizontal direction one turns on and off the LEDs. Additionally one can adjust the angle of light, intensity and light color […]
  • Veio MWL
    Veio MWL from Artemide manufacturer is a table standing luminaire for direct LED lighting. Designed by Neil Poulton, it combines the advantages of LED technology with those of the My White Light (MWL) technology, enabling numerous variations of white light to be obtained, with different intensities and varieties of color temperature, producing all the tones […]