Industrial Design

  • Tinnie 10 Vessel
    Award winning and globally acclaimed designer, Joey Ruiter pushes through the boundaries of the norm and finds new ways to solve problems which leads to products that are as useful as they are jaw dropping. He has the ability to see around the expected and to notice the unexpected in otherwise ordinary things. This is how […]
    2017.01.13Jorge San Luis
    BEBOP design studio which is based in Seoul, Korea created a portable Bluetooth speaker with a charming title — BLOSSOM. Probably by the name, it is not hard to recognise where the main inspiration came from. The object was designed in the form of a beautifully blossomed flower that’s been simplified into geometric shapes of […]
    2017.01.11Laura Vanagaite
  • Maven Watches
    Modern watch brand Maven is very much inspired by its birthplace, Hong Kong. Here, natural landscapes and urban architecture coexist in harmony and beauty. Consequently Maven created two lines which both blend natural materials and haptics with contemporary technology, while each of the two lines focusses on a different aspect of this liaison. The Enduring […]
    2017.01.09Jana Ahrens
  • Oliver Welles
    Oliver Welles is a full range contemporary minimal menswear and lifestyle brand based in Sarasota, Florida. It is their beautiful collection of timepieces that are perhaps most striking, encased in stainless steel and feature an effortless design that draws on minimalist sensibilities. Personally, my eyes are drawn to the all-black Wellington leather with its ultra-thin […]
  • I is Another
    The completion of our identity, a way to create symmetry and hence the reflection of our own selves in the way we dress: That is what Leonie Barth found in the concept of the mirror when graduating from University for Applied Sciences in Bielefeld with the immaculate collection I is Another. In her debut Leonie […]
    2017.01.02Jana Ahrens
  • Ovject Iron Pan
    Japanese brand Ovject is a label for new products that are not uniform objects, but instead products conceived from a totally different viewpoint. From kitchenware and tableware onward, Ovject offer an array of products for everyday living. Items that make everyday life just a little more pleasant just by being there. “Ovjects” give shape to […]
  • Smart Blur
    German product designer Antje Pesel’s inspiration oscillates between her fascination for everyday objects with reduced geometries and essential designs that still manage to convey emotion. So she creates pieces that are versatile and simple, but always incorporate a surprising twist that’s never an unnecessary decoration or a gadget. The line Smart Blur is a set of […]
    2016.12.26Jana Ahrens
  • Happy Holidays
    All of us from the Minimalissimo team would like to wish you happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas! It has been a very proud year for us, seeing our first printed magazine hit all corners of the world, followed-up with the release of our brand new second volume, Minimalissimo Nº2. We have greatly appreciated […]
  • Studiokyss
    The value of contemporary, namely minimal, objects is almost equivalent to that of artefacts. It is not measured monetarily; the value lies in affectional and treasuring attachments that we give to these objects. Much like the attention that Kenny (Yong-Soo) Son has given to his designs, the work of Studiokyss holds a power of formal […]
    2016.12.17Nhat Vo
  • OTHR Gift Guide
    OTHR is a design brand of unique 3D-printed objects for the home, founded by designers Joe Doucet, Dean Di Simone and Evan Clabots. New York-based, OTHR develops products in high-quality materials from 3D-printed porcelain to steel to precious metals with international designers. Each and every OTHR product must deliver on three principles: useful — every […]
  • Wireless TMA-2 Headphones
    The desire for customisation grows as time passes; today, it can be seen as a contributor to particular individualities. This notion grants not only unique identities, but also efficient functionalities. Often, customisation means modularity when it comes to design. Using this duality, Copenhagen-based audio company AIAIAI envisioned their TMA-2 Headphone System, which relies on individual […]
    2016.12.03Nhat Vo
  • Lee West Objects
    Lee West Objects is a beautiful collaboration between British designer Lee West and the Carl Auböck workshop in Vienna, producing handmade luxury homewares. Created in harmony with the materials and techniques of the workshop, each object yields a distinct handcrafted result. The contemporary collection is produced in very small quantities to ensure high attention to […]
  • FreakishWatch
    Designed by Florence-based Sabrina Fossi Design, a studio focused on handcrafted homeware items, FreakishWatch is a stylish and lightweight watch with a very original design that the studio spoke to us about: The original idea was based on a simple principle: making an analogue clock which was as easy to read as a digital clock. Just […]
    2016.11.25Jorge San Luis
  • 003 Automatic Watch
    Meshable Watches is a contemporary and independent watch brand, based in the German city of Düsseldorf. The brand is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to produce its fantastic new watch series. The Meshable 003 Automatic is a battery-free, contemporary watch that is powered by your movement. It has been designed for men and women, and available in beautiful silver […]
    2016.11.11Jorge San Luis
  • Oak + Fort Home
    Oak + Fort, a minimal clothing store based in Canada, is adding a new line of home goods to their repertoire. The new collection draws inspiration from Oak + Fort’s driving fashion motto: that fashion should be uncomplicated and thoughtfully designed.  Oak + Fort Home is an elegant grouping of tabletop decor, dining ware, and office accessory products. […]
    2016.11.10Jillian Japka
  • MYKU
    In design, we have seen a merit of natural elements and the human touch. Often, the fusion comes in a larger scale, yet smaller products have made a notable presence in the industry, especially industrial design. MYKU watch brand, with a commitment to create intrinsic and timeless designs, uses stone and its natural characteristics to express the […]
    2016.11.05Nhat Vo
  • Air Aroma
    It’s amazing how vividly we are able to experience brand concepts from our own living room these days. Stunning images, delightful movies and bewitching brand stories are delivered right to our screens in seconds. But there is one sense not being stimulated in that context, a sense that goes right to our brains, touching our […]
    2016.10.31Jana Ahrens
  • Q1 Magazine Rack
    This simple and beautiful magazine rack that holds a copy of Minimalissimo Magazine Nº1 is part of Jonas Hansen‘s collection Q1 — a set of basic furniture and interior items made from laser-cut and powder-coated metal and recycled fibre wood or fibre cement sheets. The powder-coating displays an inimitable material character and thanks to the […]
  • Satellite
    Satellite by Quentin de Coster for the Van Den Weghe ITEMS collection, is a handsome and very well considered, illuminated sculptural beauty. The lamp was designed and produced in 2016, as part of the Van Den Weghe’s collection, where architects and designers are called upon to engage in an array of collaborations with their celebrated […]
  • Oblong Watch
    Recognising the importance of new endeavours and dynamics in the market, Minimalissimo features outstanding Kickstarters for products we believe are worthy of a closer look: Danish brand Bulbul is no stranger to sleek watches, as two previous iterations are already available to the public at large. As the famous Swiss precision is mixed with the […]
    2016.10.18Mateus Andrade
  • Flow Lamp
    Andreas Kowalewski’s Flow Lamp, manufactured by Normann Copenhagen, is a veritable nod to considered design. The original idea for the lamp arose out of a series of drawings, exploring the possibilities of a multi-directional table lamp that can be delivered flat-packed. The result is one of considered compartmentalisation and ease of design, to be easily […]
  • Simpl Watch
    Minimalism is mostly associated with European, Scandinavian, and Japanese designers. However, many rising brands in other parts of the world are proving to be major stakeholders in evolving and diversifying the field. Southeast Asian countries — notably Singapore and Thailand — have delivered some of the more refined minimal products that are affordable in recent […]
    2016.10.08Nhat Vo
  • Objest
    London based lifestyle brand Objest has a mission: create thoughtful, personal design without being too serious about it. The focus on high quality objects with a playful twist is what constitutes their name. Objest’s latest collection of wristwatches demonstrates that it is actually possible to take care of material honesty, simplicity and clarity while keeping […]
    2016.10.03Jana Ahrens
  • Tumbler Alarm Clock
    Norm Architects and Menu’s Tumbler Alarm Clock turns the tumultuous business of waking up, on its head. Literally. Through an internally concealed mechanism, once the alarm is activated and sounding, the snooze function can be engaged simply by turning the clock on its head. Designed by Norm Architects and manufactured by Menu, both are based […]