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ystudio look to revive the love of writing through their new line of beautiful, durable and minimalist writing tools. Crafted and manufactured out of Taiwan, the studio’s stationery collection is constructed from pure copper and brass and consists of a rollerball pen, ballpoint pen, sketching pen and mechanical pencil. We believe that the value of simplicity in design is very important. We design products to let people use in their daily life and let people feel the beauty of objects. We hope to express the attitude of people in Taiwan by ystudio stationary. Admittedly, I rarely find myself using pens or pencils these days unless I need to sketch something, but having used a ystudio pen, not only do I admire its aesthetic, there is something about the weight and feel that makes it a pleasure to use. Furthermore, the ageing effects of the material will gradually change the look and feel of each piece.

This asymmetrical pen by London based studio Beyond Object, employs the intuitive desire of a human mind to align and organize things. The piece is composed of three sections. When not in use, the middle section is dislocated from the rest of the the body. To use it, twist this middle part until it aligns with the lower section. Designers explain: Simplicity, quality, function and innovation have been the central tenets during the design process throughout this project. The mechanism we designed for this pen is completely unique, yet intuitive and reliable. We wanted to transcend the classical twisting or clicking mechanisms by developing this precise and user friendly piece of engineering. The pen comes in two sizes and three finishes. Check out the video to see this design in action.

Nendo have designed, for their own brand by | n, a new stationery collection. The collection consists of eleven minimalist items: the flip pen, contrast ruler, circle tags, link clips, rubber bands, outline tray, cross pen-stand, peel pen-case, hard cover memo-pad, edge note and the dot envelope. I would like to feature four items that caught my eye: Contrast ruler A minimalist ruler with marking fading from white to black, making the ruler easy to read on dark and light surfaces. Circle tag Normal sticky notes can be easily ripped off. The pie chart shaped notes however will stay in place for a long period of time thanks to an increased sticky surface and reduced number of corners. Link clip The link clips, made of high frictional paper, come connected and are detached one by one for use. Desktops keep tidy and they can be recycled along with the paper. Edge notes The edge notebooks have a colourful edge to help with filling. Filed with the spine outwards the books present a neat appearance, filed with the edges outwards the books are distinguishable by colour. Pages of the books are printed in a light cross pattern to provide enough guidance but less restrictive than lines....

British designers Chris Holden and Tim Higgins are the founders of London based start-up, AJOTO. Their first product, an everyday pen with an exquisite minimal aesthetic, was recently introduced to me and it certainly made it’s mark. The Pen, currently being funded through Kickstarter, is produced from Aerospace grade aluminium and brass, and each pen can be personalised to the customers preference. The minimal design of the Pen consists of five bespoke parts designed and engineered in-house. Each part performs a crucial function in the mechanics of unique twist mechanism, which is core to the pen. So in this increasingly digital world we’re living in, why a pen? Digital devices have now replaced the need for fine writing instruments and technical draftsmen’s tools that were once ubiquitous. It doesn’t matter how advanced technology has become, in a world that is ever more connected we think it is really important to take some time out and be alone with our imagination. In these moments nothing beats a simple inky mark in a sketch book to capture our thoughts and ideas. Not only is the pen a beautiful tool, but the packaging is just as impressive, combining cork, aluminium and card, which...

Minimalux of London is a design brand, who produce modern collections of desk accessories. Previously featured on Minimalissimo with their Bulb design, Minimalux’s latest creation is the beautifully simple Ballpoint – a variant of the common, disposable ballpoint pen, made from a single fluid sleeve of lasting solid brass. The pen is not plated or lacquered, which allows its surface finish to change with use and age becoming uniquely personal. The ergonomic design pays careful consideration to weight and balance to deliver a smooth and fluid line with very little applied pressure. Photography by Peer Lindgreen

Brooklyn-based industrial designers Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy of CW&T have created a Kickstarter project for the production of their new minimal pen. Pen Type-A is a stainless steel replacement for the Hi-Tec-C’s cheap plastic casing. The minimalist design has has a dime screw on one end to allow for easy ink cartridge replacement. Its shaft is a solid smooth surface with no branding, and just the right thickness and weight so it feels comfortable in your hand. The pen slides slowly into its protective sleeve, which doubles as a ruler and includes a 0.3 Black Hi-Tec-C Cartridge. The pen will eventually sell for $99 (€69) but through Kickstarter, backers can get their hands on it for $50 (€35). It is already proving to be incredibly popular and I can see why. Certainly worth backing.

Düller is a stationary brand developed by I.D.E.A. Recently, they paired Dietrich Lubs (Braun) and Naori Miyazaki (I.D.E.A.) together to make a small stationary collection, consisting of a ballpoint pen, fountain pen and mechanical pencil. The pieces are made using aluminium and come packaged in a notebook made from recycled Green Aid paper. I absolutely love the way the black of the outer shell is contrasted ever so subtly with dark-green highlights. Two of the pieces from the stationary collection are available from Vetted. I picked up the ballpoint pen and the mechanical pencil from Via Alley on Crown Street in Sydney.

Besides taking care of a minimal ecological footprint, the DBA Pen is a every day object touched by minimalist design. New York based company DBA has the goal of developing products that combine aesthetic strength, technical innovation and ecologically effective principles. DBA’s products standout by an honest simplicity and a heightened sensitivity to user needs. DBA is committed to the awareness and application of responsible materials, efficient construction and intelligent packaging. The DBA Pen is 98% biodegradable with a body composed of an innovative new bio-plastic, an ink reservoir made from a – renewable – biodegradable fiber and using a custom-formulated ink composed of simple, pronounceable ingredients. Besides it’s package is composed of 100% recycled content – FSC certified paper – printed with vegetable-based inks and is 100% recyclable. I love the fact that an every day object like a pen – of which I cannot even count the number I use every year – nowadays can be manufactured with such a minimal impact on the environment. Besides I like the total simplicity of both pen and package.