Piggy bank

  • Piggy Bank
    This minimalist Piggy Bank is created by Selma Durand during her Master thesis of Industrial Design in ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris. Durand wanted to focus on the everyday situation where people collect pocket change without being aware of its value. In fact they usually put it in a pin tray where it stays untouched. Especially the […]
  • Sur les toits
    Atelier Peekaboo┬árecently created a minimalist ceramic piggy bank named Sur les toits. The English translation is “on top of the roofs” and refers to the place where they found inspiration for the shape of the design. One easily inserts the money in the slot on top of the piggy bank and incase one needs the […]
  • BANK
    BANK is minimalist money box made of elastic rubber by BIG-GAME design studio. We have featured the Lausanne based studio before. I just love their outspoken, minimalist and colorful products. And like many of their other products BANK has a playfull touch. The usage is simple: slip coins in the slit, press it and turn […]
  • Egg Bank
    Put your money into a nest egg by dropping coins and stuffing bills into the delightfully simple J Schatz Egg Bank. Based in New York, Jim Schatz designs and handcrafts ceramic products from the inside out to make common objects in a wonderfully unique and innovative way. A perfect receptacle for money, these elegant Egg […]
  • BushkaBanks
    Inspired by the famous silhouette of the Matriyoshkas, Racheli C. Sharfstein designed these piggy banks for Studio Ooga. The piggy banks, made or cermamic, available in large, medium and small look like a family of two parents and one child.