Reading lamp

  • Roy lamps
    Viabizzuno founded in 1994 this year celebrates 20 years of life. Via Bizzuno is the name of the main road of the small village Bizzuno located in the province of Ravenna, Italy, where Mario Nanni — the founder — was born. In 2014 Viabizzuno continues the series Roy (Parete, Tavolo, Terra) — born two years […]
  • Switch Lamp
    New York based industrial designer and artist William Lee recently presented his latest offering at NY Design Week. This is Switch, a limited edition, minimalist lamp that engages interaction through its own function. The desk/bedside lamp draws inspiration from two places; a typical on/off switch on the wall, coupled with Lee’s interest for art direction, […]
  • Spot
    Spot is a multipurpose light, created by Gloria Ngiam, Nigel Geh & Guillaume Bloget. Its simple design consists of only two parts – a 10 watt LED and a handle, with which it can be hung, hand-held, or placed on a surface as a table lamp. Made from durable water-resistant polypropylene (PP) material, the piece […]
  • M Lamp
    Northern Irish industrial designer, David Irwin, operates specifically within the spectrum of contemporary furniture, product and lighting design, and it’s his lighting design that I’m introducing today. More specifically, the M Lamp – a simplistic and wireless task lamp. Inspired by the archetypal miner’s lamps of 19th century, Irwin set out to create a contemporary […]
  • Balance Lamp
    This minimal lamp was created by Netherlands based designer Mieke Meijer for the ‘Untouchables’ show by Dutch Invertuals. The idea of the exhibition was to portray the live we live in the rapidly changing world. Mieke Meijer’s respons to the theme was that finding the right balance is the key. The lamp she presented resembles the static equilibrium of […]
  • Monsieur
    A proper reading lamp is essential when you want to read a book. Designers Tom Allen, Christian Vivanco and Yago Rodriguez form Barcelona’s The Emotion Lab. They developed Monsieur, a reading lamp designed to creating an intimate and personal atmosphere around your reading chair. With a single arm movement you can adjust its position, so […]