• Museum of Islamic Art
    The Museum of Islamic Art made headlines when launched back in 2008, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect I.M. Pei. The edifice is a flawless blend of traditional Islamic aesthetics with the strong dynamism of its towers and high domed atrium. It is an iconic part of Doha, especially when taking into account the custom-built island […]
    2016.11.15Mateus Andrade
  • Símiles
    As the capital known for its modernist markings, Brasília is often portrayed through the unique and unusual buildings of Niemeyer as an undeniable focus. To explore each abstract musing from the famous architect is considered a definite direction for many photographers; especially when choosing the central area of the city as the site to extract […]
    2016.10.25Mateus Andrade
  • Abstract Narratives
    Like Canadian designer Bruce Mau, who declared an interest in the moment when two objects collide and generate a third, I too believe the third object is where the interesting work is. Following the same principle, Seattle-based artist Katherine Wesselman uses photography to explore the relationship between fragments and image. Drawing from 39 years of experience as a graphic designer, Wesselman’s process […]
  • Kevin Riedl Photography
    The architectural photography of Kevin Riedl tells a poetic story of material, form, and light. The photographs, while focused on a clear subject, appear more abstract than figurative. The architectural subjects are disconnected from their place and function. Taken out of the context as a dwelling place, often-overlooked details of the structure emerge. The pattern of the materials and the […]
    2016.07.28Jillian Japka
  • Brasília Revisited
    Brasília, Brazil’s planned architectural capital, is a combination of design efforts from Oscar Niemeyer, Lucio Costa, and Burle Marx. The visionary city is full of sweeping curves and unique forms bound together by long expanses of parks and fountain-filled pools. Bruno Candiotto‘s photo series, Brasília, captures the sublime nature of the city’s architecture, accurately portraying the capital as a […]
    2016.03.24Jillian Japka
  • Maeve by Giglio Pasqua
    An inventive visual exercise was put into action by the designer and founder of Maeve, Sandro Weber, and the photographer Giglio Pasqua, as both explored the modernist setting of the Cocoon building in Zurich. The duo played with twisted angles and textures, resulting in a rich and nimble study of the monochromatic setting they handpicked with […]
    2016.03.08Mateus Andrade
  • Maik Lipp
    Maik Lipp‘s photography is a beautiful collection of through the eyes of a minimalist. His works are taken from his own eye, based on the details and aperture he chooses to capture spaces, places and things. The result is a refreshing viewfinder of the built world. Self-taught and based in Main, Frankfurt in Germany, his […]
  • Was ist Metaphysik?
    The conflict between what the architect has on his mind and what is actually possible to build will always be a significant factor for pushing the possibilities of new technology and constructions. Fortunately, contemporary professionals can visualize and test their valued creations beforehand with digital tools; sometimes it’s the ideal method to clearly grasp the […]
    2015.05.12Mateus Andrade
  • Blank
    Naples based Italian photographer Salvatore Pastore recently drew my attention when I was introduced to his strikingly minimal and monochromatic Blank series. The work comprises 11 black and white images featuring exterior and interior shots of various buildings. It concerns the blank not as an empty space, but as the feeling of disorientation in the […]
  • Geometrix
    Clean lines, shadows and elusive humans come together on Geometrix, from London-based photographer Rupert Vandervell. The black and white photography of film-noir and B Movies are as important as the soundtrack in creating the, now celebrated, mysterious mood these pictures are known for. Paranoia-inducing characters and unexplained appearances are key factors, Vandervell plays off these […]
    2014.09.28Mateus Andrade
  • Cuerpos Urbanos
    Lucas Dias is a young Brazilian photographer and video-artist based in Barcelona who has recently opened the second show of his touring exhibition Cuerpos Urbanos (Urban Bodies). The series of double-exposures explores the limit between people and their surroundings — the skin of the body and the skin of the city — ultimately communicating the complexity […]
  • EBM
    I have a strong appreciation for minimalist photography, and when Portuguese photographer & filmmaker Nuno Andrade introduced his recent work to me, I was excited to share this with you, our readers. Nuno Andrade’s project titled EBM, is a brilliant and beautifully captured collection inspired by the Marine Biology Station of Funchal. This infrastructure is […]
  • Whitewash
    The vivid city of Los Angeles is interpreted by photographer Nicholas Alan Cope in this photography book titled Whitewash, revealing forms, surfaces and volumes in visually stunning black and white images. His subjects of minimalist urban architecture stand out as an irony to what we typically perceive of the glamorous sprawling city on the surface […]
    2013.02.25Adele Lim
  • Wenders and Ando
    Today I would like to feature Donata Wenders‘ photography of a world renowned architect Tadao Ando. In her bio Wenders mentions that she doesn’t direct her subjects, instead she observes and looks to showcase genuine expressions, body language, posture and appearance. Wenders develops an intimate communication between her subject and her lenses that is effortlessly passed on […]
    2012.12.19Anna Korkobcova
  • Studie Drei
    Studie Drei is a series of images by Berlin-based photographer Matthias Heiderich and within this series resonates a sort of timelessness that is captured so beautifully of the top of mostly utilitarian buildings and objects. Self-taught and a DJ and music producer as well, Heiderich has a portfolio of work that makes you wish you […]
    2012.10.22Adele Lim
  • Toby Keller’s White Series
    California and Chiang Mai based photographer and designer Toby Keller has created this quite stunning minimalist series of white photographs. Beautifully executed, the White series is primarily focused on underground car parks and coastal lines, illustrating serenity and spaciousness. I find there is such a calming effect browsing this series, which is perhaps surprising because […]
  • (un)defined space
    Matthias Schade was born in 1984 in Berlin, Germany. His latest work is a series of photographs named (un)defined space — an investigation of urban space. An investigation of our living environment. Schade explains the concept behind the series: Contrary to the daily natural perception of urban space, my artworks of the (un)defined space series offer […]
  • Nonspace
    Nonspace is a series of photographs by UK-based photographer Emily Grundon. According to Emily: This work depicts several sites that are all considered to be successful and established exhibition spaces – constructed with the sole intention of displaying works of art. Nonspace not only aims to enhance the architectural quality of simplicity, moreover, it is intended that […]
    2011.07.05Adrian Clement
  • Sign Out
    This photographic series is titled Sign Out by Poland-born, Düsseldorf-based photographer Josef Schulz. I assume that these photographs are found abstractions: Newly constructed signage that has yet to be adorned with typography and graphics. Captured in this incomplete stage, these photographs look equally surreal and futuristic, and our attention is turned away from the function […]
    2010.08.31Adrian Clement
  • The Outline of Design
    (This is one of a series of two posts) Dieter Rams is a fan of Naoto Fukasawa’s approach to design. Japanese product designer, Naoto Fukasawa focuses on the relationship between people and objects and their surroundings. “My job is to determine the outline of an object and to design something
 that fits right into it.” […]
    2010.07.09Vicky Kaiser
  • Iwan Baan
    A while ago, there was some global competition, and the prize was supposedly ‘the best job in the world‘: island caretaker in the Great Barrier Reef. And although I am very happy for the guy who won the prize, I’m afraid that someone else has the real best job in the world: Iwan Baan. Baan […]