• Símiles
    As the capital known for its modernist markings, Brasília is often portrayed through the unique and unusual buildings of Niemeyer as an undeniable focus. To explore each abstract musing from the famous architect is considered a definite direction for many photographers; especially when choosing the central area of the city as the site to extract […]
    2016.10.25Mateus Andrade
  • Brasília by Øystein Aspelund
    Brasília is known far and wide for its unique urban planning by Lúcio Costa and, unsurprisingly, modernist architecture that comes along with it by Oscar Niemeyer. Taking into account the particularities of Niemeyer’s buildings, such as explicit concrete structures, geometric sharp angles, surprising curves and the sheer large scale and amplitude of each creation. The […]
    2015.04.07Mateus Andrade
  • Geometrix
    Clean lines, shadows and elusive humans come together on Geometrix, from London-based photographer Rupert Vandervell. The black and white photography of film-noir and B Movies are as important as the soundtrack in creating the, now celebrated, mysterious mood these pictures are known for. Paranoia-inducing characters and unexplained appearances are key factors, Vandervell plays off these […]
    2014.09.28Mateus Andrade
  • Wenders and Ando
    Today I would like to feature Donata Wenders‘ photography of a world renowned architect Tadao Ando. In her bio Wenders mentions that she doesn’t direct her subjects, instead she observes and looks to showcase genuine expressions, body language, posture and appearance. Wenders develops an intimate communication between her subject and her lenses that is effortlessly passed on […]
    2012.12.19Anna Korkobcova
  • Rest Days
    Luca Sironi is a Milan based photographer and filmmaker who recently completed his conceptual photography project titled Rest Days. The project comprises 24 colour photographs depicting a series of closed shop shutters. Sironi explains: The shutters hide what’s inside, becoming apparently identical to each other, and in their repetition, looking more and more like a […]
  • Nonspace
    Nonspace is a series of photographs by UK-based photographer Emily Grundon. According to Emily: This work depicts several sites that are all considered to be successful and established exhibition spaces – constructed with the sole intention of displaying works of art. Nonspace not only aims to enhance the architectural quality of simplicity, moreover, it is intended that […]
    2011.07.05Adrian Clement
  • Kevin Saint Grey
    Kevin Saint Grey is a photographer with a minimalist aesthetic. He says: Painters decide what to put into a work. Photographers decide what to leave out. In an way, his images are understimulating. This has the effect that you tend to ‘fill’ them with a little bit of yourself. Or, as one of his followers […]