iPhone app

  • Noisli app
    Noisli — a project by Italian multidisciplinary designer Stefano Merlo — is an ambient high-quality sound and colour generator for working and relaxing. The sounds are designed to help you focus while working, relieve anxiety or just to relax. You may already be familiar with the web version, but today Noisli release their beautiful new […]
  • Luna
    Mindarin introduced me to their wonderful new iOS app that I have had the pleasure of using for the last couple of weeks, that not only offers a wonderful user experience, but also features a beautifully minimal display. The app is Luna — a calculator that makes calculations instantly as you type, while keeping your […]
  • Dots
    Dots is a really lovely gaming app developed by New York based organization, Betaworks, and its task is very simple; connect as many same-colored dots as you can using only vertical and horizontal lines. Dots has three different game modes; connect as many dots as you can in 60 seconds, another one using only 30 […]
    2013.10.27Jorge San Luis
  • Sumhold
    Math done simply. Designed in the Swiss style, Sumhold is a calculator that instantly calculates and stores numbers with a fiercely reductive interface and simple swipe gesture. This is the result of a beautifully developed iPhone app by Chad Voss, an independent interaction designer from Seattle. Sumhold, featuring an attractive minimalist design, makes complex calculations […]
  • Wake
    There is roughly a bajillion alarm apps out there, some of them analyze your sleep, draw fancy diagrams, show twitter streams, news and weather… What I like about this app is the freedom from clutter, both in the UI and functionality. Wake iPhone app, created by Tiny Hearts, does one thing and does it well […]
  • Conditions
    By now, there are plenty of minimalist weather apps for the iPhone, including WTHR, Blue and Solar just to name a few. But here’s another one by Jake Marsh called Conditions. Dead simple, the app shows the current weather and a five day forecast (although this can be hidden so that only the current weather […]
    2013.02.23Adrian Clement
  • Blue Weather App
    Brooklyn based Oak Studios create websites and applications. Last week, Oak released their first iOS app, Blue. The app provides 36-hour weather forecasts relevant to your location in a fast, fun and of course minimal interface. Simply swipe up to see each hour represented in a beautiful, colourful gradient visual – regardless of where you […]
  • Rise
    Rise is a beautiful minimalist alarm app for iPhone and iPad. Aside from its sleek design, it features a lot of useful functions and perks, including snooze with a shake or the ability create a playlist from iTunes to help you fall asleep. The most notable feature of the app, however, is the fluid gesture-friendly interface. […]
  • Clear
    Realmac Software in collaboration with Helftone and Impending have collaborated on a Mac version of the now well-known iPhone application Clear. Popular for its minimalist and gestural interface, Clear succeeds at doing a small amount of features exceedingly well. Suitable for those looking for an alternative to heavy weight GTD systems, such as OmniFocus or […]
    2012.11.17Adrian Clement
  • Squarespace Note
    The Squarespace Note iPhone and iPad app, designed by Squarespace, Inc., is a simple and intuitive way to capture thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and transfer them to various services. The app syncs seamlessly with email, Dropbox, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook and your Squarespace account, should you have one. It does all that in a clean minimalist interface, which is […]
  • Rechner
    Colorado based design studio Berger & Föhr practice cohesive visual communication characterized by modernism, minimalism and objectivity. Recently they launched Recher, world’s first gesture based calculator. Math is beautiful. Arithmetic is simple. Rechner is both. Rechner has gestural functions for +, -, = and clear. There is a hidden actions drawer for x, ÷, ±, […]
  • Calvetica
    Calvetica is an iPhone application by Mysterious Trousers (who also make Dialvetica). It is a calendar application that aims to provide users with a clean, minimalist interface with very little UI chrome, and provide a fast and functional experience. John Gruber of Daring Fireball said of the app: $2.99 calendar app for the iPhone and […]
    2011.05.02Adrian Clement
  • QlockTwo
    A great alternative to numerical clocks is this worded clock by Biegert & Funk. Called QlockTwo, this clock tells the time using words highlighted by LEDs. It is available in numerous colours and languages. I like how the smooth design and structured typographic grid compliment the illuminated words and make it stand out. You can […]