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Realmac Software in collaboration with Helftone and Impending have collaborated on a Mac version of the now well-known iPhone application Clear. Popular for its minimalist and gestural interface, Clear succeeds at doing a small amount of features exceedingly well. Suitable for those looking for an alternative to heavy weight GTD systems, such as OmniFocus or Things, or as a sophisticated tool to keep lists. The Mac application will be familiar to those who have used the iPhone application, but includes some features specifically tailored to OS X. Now using iCloud, Clear syncs with the newly updated 1.2 version of the iPhone application.

Feature number one should always be as few features as needed to perform the primary purpose. This is the philosophy of newly formed development team and consultancy, Minimal Tools, who have recently released their first iOS app, Pop – a simple notepad tool to allow you to conveniently write things down as you would on a blank piece of paper, reducing friction between you and what you are trying to accomplish. Pop rather impressively takes simplicity to the extreme by excluding any extraneous features. Just launch and start typing. From it’s quick loading time to the carefully considered typography, Pop successfully engages with its user, which many notepad apps fail to do. I think it works very well for its intended purpose – to provide you with a single sheet of paper to quickly jot down some words, copy the text and put it somewhere else later. Simple and efficient. If anyone has downloaded Pop, please share your thoughts.