Web Design

  • This is Iceland
    Born from a fascination of the Land of Fire and Ice, quite literally in most parts, a passionate visual enthusiast saw this project come to life. This is Iceland is a site conceived by Matteo Ermeti, coded by Manuel Moreale, with branding and web design by Alessandro Scarpellini. This project is undeniably a lovechild of […]
  • Minimalissimo x Six
    Welcome to the new Minimalissimo. This site redesign sees not only a significant change to our look and feel to compliment our new identity, but also introduces a much improved and simplified browsing experience for our readers. We have introduced a number of beautiful new features, including a slider at the top of the homepage […]
  • Brazil Fourteen
    On Thursday 12 June, the next FIFA World Cup in Brazil begins, and yes, even on Minimalissimo we have some beautiful design related to it, because I would like to introduce the wonderful website Brazil Fourteen is a website that shows all the matches of the tournament, allowing you to customize it with any […]
    2014.06.08Jorge San Luis
  • Ode to Things
    Ode to Things is a microstore specialised in well-designed, quality lifestyle accessories, and when I recently discovered one of their objects in the form of the Futagami Brass Bottle Opener designed by Masanori Oji, it lead me to a store full of beautifully minimalist and simple accessories. A collection that I have no doubt many […]
  • Sans Form
    I was recently introduced to Sans Form, an independent minimalistic brand of t-shirts, hoodies, prints and bags created by an international collective of renowned graphic designers. Hand-printed using the best paper, the most vibrant ink, and only the softest of t-shirts, their products have been beautifully and carefully designed. The majority of prints in the […]
  • CycleLove
    The contemporary cycling culture is really easy to embrace these days with beautiful graphic and packaging designs like James Greig, who is behind the clean and elegant brand and site, CycleLove. It is a refreshing site that is actually less about bicycles and more about people and their bicycle lifestyles. And after I have spent too […]
    2012.12.10Adele Lim
  • Geometry Daily
    January 1st Tilman Zitzmann, a Germany based interaction and graphic designer, decided to channel his enthusiasm for minimalist graphics in an on-going personal project. Each and every day he publishes a new minimalist art piece, based on geometric shapes, on his tumble log named Geometry Daily. I get a serious flow when I draw simple […]
  • Agentur Loop
    Brainstorming in the offices of Agentur Loop, an Austrian Digital Advertising agency, might be the pinnacle of envy for most if not all creative types. Headquartered in Salzburg, huge chalk board walls display and incubate ideas that are supplemented by a table football (foosball), an electric guitar corner, socializing in the bistro and lounge areas, […]
    2012.06.18Adele Lim
  • Yuna Kim
    The purpose of minimalism is to expose the essence of a design by eliminating all non-essential forms, features and concepts. In web design, minimalism erases potential distractions and strips away elements into their most basic forms. Yuna Kim‘s use of elementary shapes helps to organize her portfolio and goes perfectly with her personal logo. This […]
  • It’s Almost…
    New York based web design studio Type/Code have designed the very minimalist It’s Almost countdown tool website. The concept is very simple. You enter an event name, large or small, regardless of its importance and set the date and time. It then generates a web address for you to return to and see the simple […]
  • NowDoThis
    We should have shared this on here much earlier. NowDoThis is so blissfully minimalist. NowDoThis is designed by William Cotton and Jakob Lodwick (co-founder of Vimeo), they voice, “How do you organize your day? A calendar requires you to predict the unpredictable. a to-do list can overwhelm you with data. I wanted a ‘boss’ to […]
    2010.08.21Paul PJ Cheng
  • Simple Software
    Fellow-minimalist Uri Fridman (who we know and love from his blog Minimal) launched a new site for his Simple Software: simple programs that do one thing, and do that in the simples way possible. Such a minimalist approach to software deserves a minimalist website to support its proposition, and that’s what Fridman indeed created: a […]