• Jil Sander Fall 17
    The epic novel Independent People by Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness is an unexpected source of inspiration for a fashion endeavour, as is a perfect fit for the development of garments fitting for the fall, a season known for its muted colours and understated beauty. Jil Sander marches on with her exceptional brand of minimalism, mixing […]
    2017.01.17Mateus Andrade
  • Daniele de Batté
    Letting spectators in on your process of design is not a common thing to do. But we are lucky that Genoa-based artist Daniele de Batté invites us to do just that. Daniele is a graphic designer and co-founder of studio Artiva. But his work for Artiva is based on a beautiful study of shapes and […]
    2017.01.16Jana Ahrens
  • Atelier Peter Fong
    More often than not, existing constraints are what make designs unique. However, when restrictions are greatly overwhelming, simplification is the counteractive method. Using the unchangeable structures of an old residential complex in Guangzhou, China, LUKSTUDIO of Shanghai gave life to a vacant storefront in the name of Atelier Peter Fong. This minimal mixed-use space — a […]
    2017.01.14Nhat Vo
  • Tinnie 10 Vessel
    Award winning and globally acclaimed designer, Joey Ruiter pushes through the boundaries of the norm and finds new ways to solve problems which leads to products that are as useful as they are jaw dropping. He has the ability to see around the expected and to notice the unexpected in otherwise ordinary things. This is how […]
    2017.01.13Jorge San Luis
  • Studio 8A
    Studio 8A by Rye London is a kitchen and photography studio located in a renovated warehouse in East London. Upon entering the studio, one is first struck by the seemingly unlimited source of natural light flowing into the space. Several oversized windows, facing both north and south, provide the kitchen with enough natural light that artificial lighting […]
    2017.01.12Jillian Japka
    BEBOP design studio which is based in Seoul, Korea created a portable Bluetooth speaker with a charming title — BLOSSOM. Probably by the name, it is not hard to recognise where the main inspiration came from. The object was designed in the form of a beautifully blossomed flower that’s been simplified into geometric shapes of […]
    2017.01.11Laura Vanagaite
  • Casa Gallarda
    As the harsh landscape of Almería, Spain, dominates the region with its distinctive vegetation, it is no wonder that Casa Gallarda would literally shine on top of the hill. Architect José Francisco García-Sánchez not only made the best use of the unique topography, but also played with the observer’s perception of weight and proportion. The […]
    2017.01.10Mateus Andrade
  • Maven Watches
    Modern watch brand Maven is very much inspired by its birthplace, Hong Kong. Here, natural landscapes and urban architecture coexist in harmony and beauty. Consequently Maven created two lines which both blend natural materials and haptics with contemporary technology, while each of the two lines focusses on a different aspect of this liaison. The Enduring […]
    2017.01.09Jana Ahrens
  • Bias Coffee Table
    This beautiful coffee table has been designed by German studio Geckeler Michels for the Italian company Crassevig based in Friuli, the north-east region where the best chairs are made. The Berlin-based designers have always been driven by their love of studying materials and technological research. Bias Coffee Table is inspired by graphic art, in which pure […]
  • Tangent GC 100
    Founded in 2012, Tangent GC is a Swedish firm who specialise in organic garment and shoe care. They recently extended their product range to include skin care featuring a series of perfumed, organic soaps. The TGC100 series is including TGC101 Oud, TGC102 Yuzu, TGC103 Burnet, and TGC104 Tiaré, launched last November and are prepared with only natural ingredients; pure vegetable […]
    2017.01.06Jorge San Luis
  • JATA Logistics + Auxiliary
    This Logistics and Auxiliary Services centre was designed for JATA, a manufacturer of household appliances. Designed by José Miguel García Pérez, the new centre houses production lines, a laboratory, and administrative areas. The building was designed to reflect the philosophy of the forward-thinking appliance brand. The façade is decorated with a repetitive pattern of concrete panels […]
    2017.01.05Jillian Japka
  • This is Iceland
    Born from a fascination of the Land of Fire and Ice, quite literally in most parts, a passionate visual enthusiast saw this project come to life. This is Iceland is a site conceived by Matteo Ermeti, coded by Manuel Moreale, with branding and web design by Alessandro Scarpellini. This project is undeniably a lovechild of […]
  • Oliver Welles
    Oliver Welles is a full range contemporary minimal menswear and lifestyle brand based in Sarasota, Florida. It is their beautiful collection of timepieces that are perhaps most striking, encased in stainless steel and feature an effortless design that draws on minimalist sensibilities. Personally, my eyes are drawn to the all-black Wellington leather with its ultra-thin […]
  • I is Another
    The completion of our identity, a way to create symmetry and hence the reflection of our own selves in the way we dress: That is what Leonie Barth found in the concept of the mirror when graduating from University for Applied Sciences in Bielefeld with the immaculate collection I is Another. In her debut Leonie […]
    2017.01.02Jana Ahrens
  • Ovject Iron Pan
    Japanese brand Ovject is a label for new products that are not uniform objects, but instead products conceived from a totally different viewpoint. From kitchenware and tableware onward, Ovject offer an array of products for everyday living. Items that make everyday life just a little more pleasant just by being there. “Ovjects” give shape to […]
  • Angle House
    Located a few minutes walk from the city’s Ohori Park, a community park that also is a cultural region containing art museums, theatres, and restaurants, architect Hiroyuki Arima completed this striking all-white residence in Fukuoka, Japan, named Angle. Starting in this context, the first floor can be used as a gallery space that can be opened […]
    2016.12.30Jorge San Luis
  • KG Design
    Madrid-based graphic designer and art director Sonia Castillo developed a sleek, geometric identity for interior design and architecture firm KG Design, based in Portland. The firm specialises in residential and commercial projects and the visual identity aims to reflect the basis of the studio’s work — beauty and functionality, simple modernity, geometry and linearity. The project included […]
  • Perla Brewery Apt
    Located in the city of Lublin, Poland, the historic Vetter Brewery took an ambitious path, thinking beyond the limits of their flagship product, beer. The brand managers decided to create aparthotels, to host their clients with utmost care, in carefully considered minimalist ambients. Projekt Praga were commissioned to partake in the creation of seven different variations […]
    2016.12.27Mateus Andrade
  • Smart Blur
    German product designer Antje Pesel’s inspiration oscillates between her fascination for everyday objects with reduced geometries and essential designs that still manage to convey emotion. So she creates pieces that are versatile and simple, but always incorporate a surprising twist that’s never an unnecessary decoration or a gadget. The line Smart Blur is a set of […]
    2016.12.26Jana Ahrens
  • Happy Holidays
    All of us from the Minimalissimo team would like to wish you happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas! It has been a very proud year for us, seeing our first printed magazine hit all corners of the world, followed-up with the release of our brand new second volume, Minimalissimo Nº2. We have greatly appreciated […]
  • Apartment in Tel Aviv
    This beautiful 80m2 long strip apartment, located in the centre of the vibrant city of Tel Aviv is a holiday home for a family who likes to entertain guests. The interior designers Yael Perry, Dafna Gravinsky and architect Amir Navon transformed it into a minimalist airy space punctuated by delicate black and white grids and furnishings. […]
  • Alex Carro
    Alex Carro is an innovative unisex cosmetics brand from Barcelona that have just launched a capsule collection of facial skincare products using all natural ingredients. The founder Alex Nodes explains its objective: I wanted to create the quintessential skin care system; everyone can use it, anywhere, anytime. You have it in your bathroom cabinet, your […]
    2016.12.23Jorge San Luis
  • Wiggly House
    Wiggly House is a unique, geometric form located in Como, Italy, not far from Milan. Designed by Milan based studio, ifdesign, this modern structure is situated in an otherwise traditional Italian neighbourhood. Wiggly House features an ever-changing roof geometry that adds visual interest to the home’s façade, as well as the rooms below. The “wiggling” sequence of the […]
    2016.12.22Jillian Japka
  • Johanna Gauder
    Johanna Gauder’s Collection #2 is an assortment of delicate and purposed geometries. This latest collection sees an evolution of her brand as a fine jeweller designer; one that is also not without limits. Her materiality is also firmly based on the solidity of a classic and long-lasting nature. Each piece is made from both silver […]