ABACO Modular Bathroom

CEADesign have unveiled an aesthetic revolution and a synthesis of experience and vision, where modernism takes a leading role in Natalino Malasorti’s ultra-minimalist and modular bathroom system, ABACO. Completely customisable, the futuristic system integrates all necessary bathroom technology into a single component.

Crafted in anti-bacterial stainless steel and comprised of a sink, toilet, bidet, storage, and bench, the multi-functional and modular nature of ABACO seems characteristic of a return to function—without forgoing form. A hygienic, durable, and fully-recyclable product, this is a design that endures, with simple and linear forms that speak of timeless architecture.

We would consider minimalism as a byproduct of the remarkably ecological approach taken for the production of this design. During the manufacturing process—dependent entirely on renewable energy sources—no paint, galvanic treatments, or chemical transformations were added. The steel is cold when it is worked and so doesn’t overheat the environment.

Of course, as striking and sustainable as this modular bathroom system is, you could argue it does not exactly exude comfort—particularly when one sits on cool stainless steel. That aside, the positive characteristics of this design far outweigh any negative, and for this reason, ABACO is deservedly celebrated.