Minimalissimo magazine is an exploration and celebration of minimalism, aiming to inspire creatives and showcase the best in the field of design. We also aspire to offer our readers a diverse understanding of minimalism, publishing daily articles focused on art, architecture, fashion, furniture and product design.

Our brand

Minimalissimo also publishes carefully crafted, tactile and aesthetic content through our annual printed volumes. Each volume features striking photography and exclusive insights into the most exciting, inspiring and minimalist designers, artists and brands of today.

Since its launch in 2009, Minimalissimo has steadily built up a diverse readership of creative professionals from around the globe. Our audience is passionate, international and creatively engaged.


We welcome suggestions for any artists’ work. We would like to know who the creator is and what drove him or her. Or you can just send us a link if you think it’s convincing enough. If it’s your own work, don’t be shy, we want to give you the podium you deserve. When suggesting, please make sure there is high-res material available. Email suggestions to:

Become a sponsor

Our aim is to work with forward-thinking brands to create tailored solutions such as brand placements and bespoke commissions that capture our audience’s imagination and attention. We work closely with our sponsors to help achieve their goals while at the same time maintaining respect to our readers.

What we offer

Brand placement
A linked brand logo featured on every page throughout the Minimalissimo website, including a short description of your company with website link on our Sponsors page.

Placement periods:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months

Featured editorial about your brand, product and/or event. Articles will range between 150-300 words written by Minimalissimo and feature between 4-16 photographs sourced by the advertiser.

If you would like to discuss these options or explore bespoke opportunities, please contact us.