Alta Bike

The Alta Bike, a hybrid between a classic courier and a mountain bike, was designed as a collaboration project between the Norwegian designers Bleed, Norway Says and Frost Produkt in 2004. Initially the Alta Bike was supposed to be a project with a limited production of 50 bikes but Alta soon got so popular that it became the first serial production single speed bike on the market.

β€œThe initial idea behind the Alta bike was to make a light, timeless, fast and durable bicycle that was designed for city use.”

The single speed design means it performs perfect in urban environment as you have rarely enough speed to need to change gears. In case of need to accelerate you can always rely on the handlebar – Alta Bike’s signature feature – giving you the power to fight hills.

They wanted something back to basics and they succeeded. The result of the collaboration is a great singlespeed city racer with a weight of only 9.2 kg, available in various colors.

The Alta Bike has been bought by the Norwegian National Museum as a part of their permanent collection.