Flat F.M.

A staircase as an element of art is an incredible thing. École’s Flat F.M. striking floating stairs are composed of unsupported steel treads, magically connected to a wall. Like weightless piano keys, they create a flirty look to emphasize a shift from the living room to the owner’s private space. The stairs leave me intrigued enough to see what greets me at the top, without daring to look sideways or down.

The Flat F.M. designed by French architecture and design studio, École, occupies two top floors of an 18th century building in Paris. The space has been redesigned using a minimalist approach that contrasts beautifully with the 18th century building. It features art-gallery white walls, impeccable black accents and an open area to make the most of limited space.

A French twist on minimalist classics? Apparently, the Parisiens can balance the love of drama and a laissez-faire attitude.

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