John Pawson's Private Residence

“There are 50 different color shades of white,” says John Pawson. And you could probably only see them in an empty room. For John Pawson, architecture is about reduction.

British architect John Pawson is a master of minimalism. He is recognized for Calvin Klein’s flagship store in Manhattan and a Cistercian monastery in Bohemia. His house in London, a Zen like living space, has been reduced to its essence, as close to perfect as possible. It has false walls to hide things he doesn’t want to display. The natural light and the empty space seem to communicate more than the space that is filled up with something.

The minimalism thing. I can live a life influenced by clean design. I can resist buying things but do I always have to put stuff away? The idea is to not disturb my imagination.  It’s about trying to calm things down a little, isn’t it?

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