Pen Type-A

Brooklyn-based industrial designers Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy of CW&T have created a Kickstarter project for the production of their new minimal pen. Pen Type-A is a stainless steel replacement for the Hi-Tec-C's cheap plastic casing.

The minimalist design has has a dime screw on one end to allow for easy ink cartridge replacement. Its shaft is a solid smooth surface with no branding, and just the right thickness and weight so it feels comfortable in your hand.

The pen slides slowly into its protective sleeve, which doubles as a ruler and includes a 0.3 Black Hi-Tec-C Cartridge. The pen will eventually sell for $99 (€69) but through Kickstarter, backers can get their hands on it for $50 (€35). It is already proving to be incredibly popular and I can see why. Certainly worth backing.

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