Balance Lamp

This minimal lamp was created by Netherlands based designer Mieke Meijer for the 'Untouchables' show by Dutch Invertuals. The idea of the exhibition was to portray the live we live in the rapidly changing world. Mieke Meijer’s respons to the theme was that finding the right balance is the key. The lamp she presented resembles the static equilibrium of a tower crane. She translated the theme of vulnerability into a lamp that consists of two balancing wooden posts connected by a single wire.

Another beauty of this project is in the combination of high bright LED technology with tactile materialization. The LEDs are hidden within the horizontal post. When the brass strips touch, the electrical circuit is closed and the light turns on. You can adjust the position of the lamp by moving the horisontal post, and by bringing it down you can turn the light off.

Watch the video to see the object in action.

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