Bondi Residence

This design of this residence located on Bondi beach takes advantage of the views and climate while delivering a modern luxury in the architecture and its details. Completed in 2011 by Sydney-based Redgen Mathieson Architects, the philosophy of the team is exhibited in the use of the materials such as Calacatta marble, white terrazzo tiles, American Walnut and dark bronze in the finishes which lets the undecorated space speak volumes of a style that is timeless.

The use of movable glass panels to optimize light, views and ventilation into the living spaces, creates a strong relationship of the living experience with the environment.

While I believe that minimalism should reveal good design, I also believe that it is possible for it to portray luxury. This project has proven that, maintaining the integrity of the materials as well as the architecture in a sophisticated simplicity.

Perfect Basics
Visionary Audio Eyewear
Fight for Fresh Skincare
Publisher of Creative Books
A Less but Better Timepiece
Minimal Office Accessories