Don't Shoot The Messenger

Minimalism takes a seductive form in leather and silk under one of Berlin's most promising labels, Don't Shoot The Messenger. Produced by Canadian fashion designer Jen Gilpin who is based in Germany's hippest city at the moment, the line frequently uses both materials in juxtaposition. Leather provides structure to the fluidity of silk, designed to compliment the shape of the body in a sculptural, elegant style that is both visually striking and timeless.

The label's Autumn Winter look book of 2012 is styled with a little hint of drama from the small details of the outfits. Cut outs, asymmetry, and sheer silhouettes as well as capes, belts and collars stand out in the images. Together with the richness and texture of each material used for every outfit, I have to say that simplicity has never been less boring.

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