Humlebaek House in Denmark

Minimal and warm; clean, crisp and a place to call home at the same time. Everything is possible when Norm Architects is involved.

The Humlebaek House was a former land workers house, located in Denmark and converted by Danish architecture firm Norm, into a unique home-studio. Originally constructed with brick walls, concrete floor and steel beams, it had almost anything an inspiring conversion needs, except one: adequate daylight. And that was the biggest issue. Unable to interfere in the exterior walls, as the building is protected by local architectural restrictions, the architects had but one choice: walls painted white and a new concrete floor treated with shiny epoxy, to help spread the light.

And the result justified them; luminous spaces that reveal their history, a minimal approach with the necessary touch of colour, a well-designed place to feel yourself at home.

One of Norm Architects' best interior projects and certainly one of my favourites.

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