Photographer's Studio

This house, built by Canadian company dh3, is drenched in light. The owner wanted to have a photo studio, where soft natural illumination would be constant. In order to accomodate this wish, the architects created a north-facing fasade, made entirely of certified Starphire glass, famous for its transparency and ability to maximize light. The result is a photographer's paradise with a beautiful, ever-changing backdrop of the landscape.

The glass structure is rested on a granit plinth, which uses solar energy to power up all active systems on winter days, while the lakefront site allows the use of a deep-water exchange to heat and cool the building year-round. The glass panels of the fasade slide open, allowing for natural ventilation, which is another clever eco-friendly detail.

All private areas of the house, i.e. bedroom, bathroom and closet, are combined into one mezzanine-like assembly above the main section. Sliding fritted glass conceals these areas, allowing the studio to remain pristine and work related.

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