Vladimir Karaleev AW13

Considered to be one of the most promising young designers in Berlin and a master of deconstruction according to Zeit, Bulgarian designer Vladimir Karaleev has his own, unconventional approach to designing procedure and to fashion itself.

I'm too impatient. I work with the original fabric on the doll. All my clothes arise in the work process on the mannequin. I have some idea of the silhouette, but nothing more. If I do not like something, I cut and sew until it is good, to make it smaller or shorter in order to get to the final form.

Complex Overlay is the name of Vladimir Karaleev’s new Autumn-Winter 2012/13, recently showed at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Asymmetrical drapery, open seams, slim dresses and superposition of different fabrics and details determine Karaleev’s latest collection. His minimal, graphic cuts and experimental forms do not fail to create elongated proportions and an unpretentious elegance. What describes his work best is what he says about it.

It's the game with the forms.

Well, I can see a lot of them in my wardrobe.

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