W-eye by Matteo Ragni

These wooden spectacle frames are the result of a collaboration between Milan-based designer Matteo Ragni and wood-enthusiast Doriano Mattellone of the MA-wood research laboratory. The glasses are called W-eye, and are made from layers of wood which have been coated with aluminum. This mixture allows the wood durability and flexibility, and makes for surprisingly lightweight frames. The glasses are also hinge-free, with no hardware to interrupt the flow of sensuous wood. The glasses come in a variety of styles and are available in six different shades of wood: ebony, zebrano, mahogany, cherry, ash and walnut. Each pair of glasses is hand-crafted and guaranteed to sit evenly on the face, ensuring perfect vision.

It is the lack of hardware and integrity of material which attracted me to these glasses. The lack of hardware gives the frames a simple elegance; they look as if they have been effortlessly carved from a single piece of wood. The wood -the mahogany is my favorite- looks incredibly luxurious compared to the materials traditionally used in eyeglass design. W-eye pushes the boundaries of eyeglass design to give us a product that is both stylish and well-crafted.

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