Wyatt Kahn

I recently came across the outstanding canvas works of New York based artist, Wyatt Kahn, and thought many of you would also appreciate his collection.

Kahn's paintings, which have been exhibited in London, New York, Berlin and Los Angeles, consist of forms, gaps and spaces. The forms are built out of stretcher panels and raw canvas. The panels begin as three-dimensional objects; but as they gather, they flatten out, transforming into the compositional components of a two-dimensional object. Between each panel is a gap that also acts as a line within the composition. Larger gaps become spaces; these spaces reveal and enclose the wall behind. The wall enters into a figure/field relationship with the panels and becomes just another material of the painting; the painting's linear aspects both create and disturb perspective. Kahn uses raw canvas to focus attention on these shifting relationships.

The forms are really interesting and I particularly enjoy the pieces titled Thing and Her.

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