Jeroen van Leur’s Woodstock Wardrobe is a lightweight and mobile furniture collection. The robe system is designed and inspired by the construction apparatus and mechanisms of traditional tent poles. The system comes disassembled in a tent-like travel bag, with each component separated and articulated for an interior purposed aesthetic.

Essentially this is a modular system, which can further be customized with a variety of colours and finishes available. The system combines wooden sticks and copper connection parts and is available in three differing sizes. The primary idea of the Woodstock Wardrobe is to exhibit your favoured pieces, instead of hiding them in the traditional robe scenario.

Woodstock is about pieces for the urban nomad. Only requiring a wall to lean on, the lines and minimal everything about this piece, make it an easy, and easily transportable addition to any collection.

Photography courtesy of Jeroen van Leur.

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