The graduate collection of Kingston University fashion design alumnus Shaun Harris, 0,1,2,3,4 is the result of the designer's in-depth investigation into how to give fashion a fourth dimensional perspective.

With Malevich's painting Lady Torso (1928-29) as a starting point — and with engineering, mathematics and precision as key principles in his design practice — Harris thoroughly investigated not only how Malevich used geometry to visually communicate a play on dimensions, but also frequented quantum physics seminars as part of his factual research into what is contemporarily considered to be 4D.

The result is a striking collection that is light in structure and form, using sheer cotton organdie fabric in order to expose all the garments' elements, with the body as the key piece that holds together the clothes and transports them from 2D to 3D — fulfilling the 4D theory as the mass that structures the 3D object.

Photography by Clara Giaminardi
Makeup by Kamila Forini
Hair by Patrick Forini
Model: Caroline at Leni's Model Management

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