11:11:01 Tote Bag

Based in Melbourne, 11:11 is a studio that specialises in hand-crafted leather goods. With a background in interior design, its two designers incorporate architectural elements into their products to create an experimentation between old and new.

When browsing through their online store, I was taken by the beautiful 11:11:01 tote bag. With such a clever and cheeky name, the bag proves to be just as similar — quirky and quite unique. Large bags often have the stigma of being over-designed, but 11:11:01 is a combination of modernity and simplicity. As the founders mention:

With a penchant for architectural aesthetics that reflect the creative soul of the city, Studio 11:11 prefers simplicity to perfection.

The urban feel is clearly embedded within this bag, especially through the perforated leather strip and brass handle. The polished metal reaffirms the bag’s structure and adds a certain wonder to the already wonderful mass of black leather.

Large, minimal, and consistent down to every stitch, 11:11:01 reimagines the definition of a tote bag. Hand made to order, this accessory is a must have for fashion enthusiasts who prefer a personal touch to their purchases.

Photography by Nicholas John Wilkins.

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