Acne Studios in Seoul

The vibrant Hallyu is a sight to behold. The wave of South-Korean culture is a mix of media and artistic expression that leaves no room for doubting about the country’s potential as trendsetter. As a result, it is no surprise that Acne Studios chose Seoul as an additional home for a flagship store.

Wittingly designed by British architect Sophie Hicks, located in the Cheongdam District; a rounded cube made entirely of translucent polycarbonate panels, makes for a great solution to ensure proper and beautiful daylight and at night a potential lightbox for onlookers. Inside the boutique exudes a strong industrial identity, with evident columns, metal-clad tables and the ever-loved raw concrete.

Acne is a brand known for its eclectic demeanour, ranging from their diverse ready-to-wear collections, to their print publications, design pieces and art exhibits. It’s no wonder this flagship is more than prepared to host a wide variety of demands, all thanks to the strong minimalist imprint throughout. A true Embassy for the brand to display their distinctive content for an audience that has seen it all.

Photography by Annabel Elston.

Perfect Basics
Visionary Audio Eyewear
Fight for Fresh Skincare
Publisher of Creative Books
A Less but Better Timepiece
Minimal Office Accessories