Akris SS16

The translation amongst design fields has always been difficult. But for designer Albert Kriemler of Akris, there was no hardship when it comes to his collection for Spring Summer 2016.

Influential architect Sou Fujimoto serves as the main inspiration for the show, apparent through the minimal reinterpretation of the architect’s N House as the backdrop. Similar to the geometrically layered structure, the clothes presented mimic that notion with degrees of transparency complimented by sheer fabrics. Each segment of the collection was a Fujimoto building in its elements — its deconstructed rawness. What the viewers were left with was a kind of minimalism that experiments on materiality, cuts, and complexity. One particular blouse/dress with uneven hemlines stood out to me; perhaps the subtle red pattern drew my attention. The placement of the print is decisively put on the shorter side, to complete what is seeming to be missing. That kind of small detail resonates with me about Sou Fujimoto’s works and their complexity.

With only simple creeper oxfords, the models were sent down with minimal sunglasses that are just big enough to encompass the eyes. Their reflections perfectly capture the aforementioned deconstructed rawness, as if we, as viewers, are staring at moving parts and pieces of Fujimoto’s mind.

Photography courtesy of World Fashion.

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