Anna Michaelis

The archaic, radical simplification and the visual ambivalence of a convincing, self-evident extreme. All this comes together in Anna Michaelis' graduate collection. To complete her fashion design studies at the University of the Arts Berlin, she went right back to the beginning of clothing and closely examined the features of a simple object: the cloth. She found various ways to demonstrate its manifold features while her references are always minimalist and clear: The juxtaposition of black and white, rigid and soft, heavy and light, abstract and classic; all cast into the interaction between a naturally moving body and carefully chosen, confining cutlines.

I like Anna's open-minded approach towards clothing and the fact that the collection in itself displays an investigation leading from abstract shapes to absolute wearability.

Perfect Basics
Visionary Audio Eyewear
Fight for Fresh Skincare
Publisher of Creative Books
A Less but Better Timepiece
Minimal Office Accessories