Arch Line Collection

Agata Bieleń's Spring Summer 2015 collection, Arch Line is born from the idea of the imperfect circle. Her inspiration for the use of geometric arcs for this collection stems from an observation of the arc suspended in space and how this translates to adornment. Available in stainless steel, silver and gold, the collection is a composite of earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches. Each with their own unique and interesting differing identity.

There exists an unexpected series of reliefs in space in the lines of this collection, which add unexpected and welcomed nuances. The intent is for the rings and bracelets to draw subtle, organic lines on the body and the way in which they interact with the form of the wearer, to be free-moving. Bieleń’s work is eminent with subtleties and the Arch Line Collection is an applauded addition. The intentional gentleness, liquidity and relief for the senses is both beautiful and bold with reassured confidence.

Photography courtesy of Marta Zgierska, Michał Matejko and Mchy Porosty.

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